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Duchessic by birra del borgo. Saison blended with a lambic. Really really good.

Abbaye st Bon chien grand reserve. BFMs abbaye de st Bon chien aged in oak barrels. Like an odd combination of a sour bier de garde with a bourbon barrel aged quad or something. More alcoholic, lots of toasty vanilla coconut chocolate notes, on top of the sour bier de garde. Same brewery as the sour saison i posted earlier.

L'amoreuse by trois dames. Apparently is actually the l'amoreuse no 2 rouge. Lambic aged with Pinot noir grapes. Quite good. Has a nice body to it. Richer, fuller, more chocolate notes than a typical lambic.

Grand dames by trois dames. An oud bruin. More sour an complex then the rodenbachs I've had. I really enjoyed this. Would drink again.
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Anderson valley poleeko gold- mild, smooth. Needed some hops but good overall.

Finchs threadless ipa- beautiful copper orange, great citrus aroma, high bitterness, pretty balanced. Good beer.

Next up: bells best brown and samuel smith imperial stout
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Best brown is a solid brown ale but not really a preferred style for me. But man, Samuel smith imperial stout is awesome. Beautifully rich, with this kinda burnt coffee flavor balancing it out. Lots of chocolatey cherry notes. Stellar brew.
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I genuinely love all of sam smith's lineup. Everything is so well balanced, almost sessionable, and just downright delicious as opposed to American style beers that are generally amazing, but only great for the first 5 ozs or so.
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I'd agree with that. Almost like new world v old world in wine.

I don't like the chocolate stout on its own but one of my accounts used it in a beer float that was amazing.
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just one beer tonight


Stillwater - Classique

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Lagunitas trip was inSANE.

Among many, many, many other beers, I got to drink SoCo Stout (not distributed here) and friggin GnarlyWine from 2008. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Green Flash double stout.
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Originally Posted by kwilkinson View Post

Lagunitas trip was inSANE.

Among many, many, many other beers, I got to drink SoCo Stout (not distributed here) and friggin GnarlyWine from 2008. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
wtf it was lagunitas that flew you out? So jelly right now.

I had the green flash palate wrecker the other day. Like a more refined and balanced ruination

Also convinced a local bar to stock sculpin on draft. That shit is amazing. I don't know why it's not flying off the shelf
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^ ^ Such a great beer. I drink it on tap (frequently), in cans and bottles. They're my fave local brewery. The Dorado will twist your brain though, so imbiber beware. Yellow Tale in cans is like a perfect beach beer. I often rotate between that and Siera cans, which can be had for $12 a twelve-pack. Green Falsh and Ale Smith are my other two go-to breweries here.
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I bought two and a half cases of La Terrior. One of my favorite beers of all time.
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Took today off to do hella' yard work and chillax. Wrapped it up with coupla' Racer5s. I consider this one of the better representations of US IPA. Thoughts? Switched to ElDorado and rum cocktails with a nice cigar thereafter.
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It's a good ipa, but just doesn't have that nice piney citrus floral aroma that the best IPAs have. The bitterness is a little disjointed
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Valid point, and I hear you... But, I kind of look for that more in the double ipa category. My taste buds, and sinuses, get a little burned out after a while and prefer things to lean more towards the pale ale/finesse part of the spectrum, if that makes since. I don't pick up the bitterness you refer to.... Which of course, doesn't mean it's not there. What would be your "standard" IPA, just out of curiosity? I realize that's a loaded question. WHO's YOUR FAVORITE BAND?!?!?
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you might just be a little less sensitive to bitter than i am. i just think the bitter is too preeminent with little else to balance it.

if we're talking about standard ipas i can get in plenty it would probably be sculpin by ballast point and flower power by ithaca. if we're talking about the best ipas like we were talking about before it would be more in the pliny the elder, hopslam, and heady topper area.
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