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awww yeah indesertum! Love RR
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You in Santa Rosa?
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only place to get that tasting rack icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Yup. Wanted to visit wineries but didn't happen. Next time

Consecration and supplication was as amazing as I remembered. The sour porter (propitiation?) was really interesting

Really wanted to try blind pig on draft but they ran out
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Outside of RR and Phyllis burger joint and dierks parkside cafe santa rosa sucks ass. But man are those 3 places great.
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that pliny is too old might as well toss it out.
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Had some on draft too. The row 2 hill 56 was as good if not more interesting than Pliny but they didn't have it by the bottle.
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Went to the Jester King brewery this weekend. They've got a really nice set up in the hill country, particularly for a small brewery (and the tour will show you how small they actually are). One of the founders does the tour and you can tell they are incredibly passionate about what they do. Nice gourmet pizza too. Anyone in the Austin area or passing through who has an interest in Belgian style microbrew (especially saisons and sours) would do well to check it out.
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really really REALLY big thanks to indesertum for hooking me up with pliny the elder, cbs, and some of the best speakeasy spots in NYC. shog[1].gifshog[1].gifshog[1].gifshog[1].gifshog[1].gif can't thank him enough.
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If anyone should find themself in far West Texas (Alpine, Marfa, etc.), check out Big Bend Brewing: I managed to drink 4 of their 5 beers this past weekend and was very surprised at how excellent they were. The Tejas Lager was probably my favorite but they make a wide range and are all good. Great can designs as well (they don't come in bottles)...each one has different text and color scheme.

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I like the retro can design.
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This stuff is great.
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I just went long on the two new Lips of Faith beers. They are mighty strange, but I enjoy them.
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Good shit.
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