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I was in Vermont this weekend as well. Picked up a case of Heady Topper, some Hill Farmstead Ephraim and some bottles of Main Brewing stuff. Wish I could have got more, but didn't want to have to pay Canadian customs on it. It was my first time in Vermont and I loved it! It's like a magical land of beer.
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Nice man, ephriam is great, abner is my fave I have 4l of it and havent cracked it...prob drink one of the 2l tomorrow night.
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Drinking a local Widmer Hefeweizen at the moment.

Just read that I live in the city with the most breweries in the world... This makes me very, very happy.
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Trying to lose some weight... so giving up beer drinking.

Any of you NYC guys want some of my beer collection? I don't want this to violate some selling policy on Styleforum, so just send me a PM. I just want this stuff out of my beer closet (which is climate controlled). Hopefully I can make one of you nyc guys the envy of all your beer geek friends. Trust me... i will let this collection go for extremely cheap. or i could trade for things like brooks brothers gift cards.

Or if you dont live in nyc.. just tell your friends who live here. Styleforum has been good to me, so i will return the favor

you would have to come to Inwood in Northern Manhattan. Anyway.. just send me a pm for more info. it will be worth your while, as i want this stuff out of my apartment asap.

I have the following:

1 case of bourbon county stout 2012
2 bottles of bourbon county stout coffee 2013
3 bottles of bourbon country stout cherry rye 2013
1 bottle of Parabola 2012
4 bottles of Kuhnhenn barrel aged 4th dementia... i think it is 2011
7 bottles of founders KBS 2012
4 bottles of founders KBS 2011
2 bottles of Dogfish 120 minute IPA

photo.jpg 1536k .jpg file
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Fuck. Nice collection. JohnGalt, we should have Bogey or Digital go pick this up!
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Yah. Just being honest with you guys, I used to collect beer. I just lost interest. Would prefer to clear this out of my closet, make room for other collections.

Let me know.

Only thing I am keeping is a case of Abyss 2012. My favorite beer.
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I'll take bcs coffee, kunhenn, and 2012 Kbs off of you. I can come down to the city next week or so
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Brewing tonight. Second half of the pale ale recipe I tried last time (that I think is fuxxored). Bought the real beer cleaner (PBW) instead of trying to use the oxyclean and am trying to be extremely careful about sanitation (even though I was last time too). If this one turns out bad, I'm going to say there is something wrong with the recipe kit and move on.

Also ordered another container so I can move into a secondary fermenter and then batch prime this batch.
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I'll pm you torrid to discuss. Will def take most of ot
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

I'll take bcs coffee, kunhenn, and 2012 Kbs off of you. I can come down to the city next week or so
coffee is mine!!

So is kbs
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well....i'm actually in ny and i can pick up indesertum's share since he's a good college friend so.... <_<;; i'm also eyeing the other bottle of the coffee stout...
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I'll take the Cherry if anyone is willing to proxy for me. biggrin.gif
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Discovered I was a bit short on ice for my ice bath (to cool the wort before adding it to the fermenter). Improvised with a brick of pork tenderloins that has been hiding in the back of my freezer since early least they got used for something.
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frown.gif jsc hasnt said anything

on a separate note

i passed the cicerone level 1 exam. easy peasy.
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