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Ate dinner at the Guinness brewery last night, but ironically have yet to have a Guinness in Dublin (catered banquet with wine; got into town too late to do the actual tour before dinner). Will see for myself how true this whole "Guinness tastes so much better in Dublin" business is.
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Been under the radar and not drinking much of anything lately, but got a few of the nerds together to crack open a couple last Sunday...


From Left to Right:

– Shorts Bourbon Barrel Soaked Black Sustenance
– Rivertown Lambic
– Fifty Fifty B.A.R.T.
– Fifty Fifty Eclipse (Jack Daniels)
– Fifty Fifty Iced Eclipse
– Three Floyds Cuvee de Viking
– Lost Abbey Veritas 003
– Lost Abbey Veritas 007
– Cigar City Hunahpu's Imperial Stout
– Cigar City Apple Brandy Barrel Aged Hunahpu's Imperial Stout
– Hill Farmstead Anna
– Hill Farmstead Arthur
– Hill Farmstead Art
– Hill Farmstead Mimosa
– Hill Farmstead Flora b3
– Hill Farmstead E.

Missing is New Glarus Thumbprint: Saison, Low Dive Summer's Here, Man Saison and Lake Michigan Water

Some close-ups...









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Damn son
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Originally Posted by alexg View Post

I'm apparently supposed to be able to buy it tomorrow. Nobody on Long Island knew about it for some reason, so finally one store called the distributor who said he's had it for a while. I'd imagine they would get better with time, but I'm still looking forward to trying a fresh one.

Sorry not getting back to you on Brux. If you are near Brooklyn, there is a store on Court between 1st and 2d Place that has it for 19.99 including tax. They have about 6 on the shelf as of today. The store has a red awning with 'Coffee and Beer' on it.
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Thanks, after going to the store near me for the second time this week after calling twice, the clerk called his boss who says they definitely have it and I can pick it up tomorrow. I should just open a beer store, I'm pretty sure I was responsible for three stores ordering it who needed convincing it even existed at first. I actually looked up the distributor to call them myself, but finally the one store called in front of me so I didn't need to.
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I found a place west of me that stocks it. At least online they say
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Really don't think its worth opening for at least a couple of years... One of the bigger let downs I've had recently.
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Why? Worse than leblue?
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Brux officially in hand. Also the two Stone Smoked Porter variations. In much more complicated to obtain news, apparently Westvleteren has started to make its way into American stores. I assume the chances of anyone finding it are pretty close to zero.
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Do not drink the Brux for a long time. I drank one last night and the brett hasn't done a thing as of yet.
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Does anyone have the Spiegelau Beer Classics glasses? If so, are the lager or pilsner glasses better for general use? (Lager seems big for a 12 oz pour, and pilsner seems small)
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You all do know that brettanomyces bruxellensis doesn't necessarily sour a beer, right?
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It's for the barnyard funk but brux is supposed to be a sour
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Had a bottle of GI Juliet today. Damn delicious. So tempted to go back and get the remaining 3 bottles. Didn't see brux tho and haven't been able to go to the spot I found


Lovely gueuze

If you like sours grab Juliet if you see it.

Also got a bottle of Lolita. Cant wait to try it.

I asked my local to order brux and they were only willing if I bought a whole case. The dude also sold me a beer saying it was a sour and I later found out it was a more sweet cloying brew with no sour at all
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I like how the first post of this thread asks for beers you enjoy on the regular not something hard to find
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