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My daily is either Newcastle, Smithwick's or any variety of microbrews (Dogfish Head, Duck Rabbit, New Belgium, etc.).  When I really want to get fancy, I grab a Rouchefort 10, St. Bernardus Abt 12 or anything from the excellent Canadian brewery Unibroue.

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Just a typical beer nerd Friday:





A nice surprise I came home to yesterday:

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Just opened a bottle of Ommegang Abbey ale. Haven't had a bad beer from this company yet, but nothing so far has impressed me as much as Three Philosophers.
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Originally Posted by Tooch4321 View Post

Just a typical beer nerd Friday

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The Beer Gods have been good to me this week:

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Got a 750 ml Affligem Tripel. Never had this stuff before and it's great. Good price for this kind of quality Belgian beer.
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great lambic. nice subtle funk. fantastic acidity. light. was reading reviews saying it had low carbonation but i thought carbonation was average. want to visit cooperstown someday. alcohol is relatively low. was lovely. wouldnt mind a whole case of this. more white wine vinegar than apple cider vinegar
dont remember much about the last batch except it was friggin delicious as this one was
great as always
was delicious. not overpowering like a lot of american sours. funk was nice. color was gorgeous. lower acidity than i prefer, but still great. lots of tropical fruit flavors.
This was like a DIPA version of flower power. Finally. After reading about it for so long. Tried it in the glass as well. I could honestly see what they were saying about volatile flavors escaping in a glass and wondered whether all aromatic IPAs should be drank in a narrow glass or something
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I see you put that new glass of yours to work, you also happened to knock out a good portion of the sours I sent.
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smile.gif i coudnt help myself. haven't actually bought beer in awhile in expectation of your package.
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I'm glad you burned through the DIPAs, I'd say those were some of the freshest that I've ever had before. That Pliny was less than a week old when I got it and the HT was canned the day before it was shipped. I don't even remember what else I sent you...
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they were awesome. the last pliny i had was like a month, month half old and i felt like it was lacking in aroma, but this one was excellent

i have some half bourbon aged ale from bruery, abyss, and end of days from pipeworks (never even heard of pipeworks before). probably going to crack with it with friends
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Pipeworks is a new brewery in Chicago that does all batches in 1k bottles or less. They actually are the first start-up brewery that was completely funded through Kick-Starter, I actually live across the alley from the brewery and future tap-room, but for now I have to go to the store to pick-up their releases. The guys actually deliver cases of their beer in their cars to the stores because they don't have a distributor yet.
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woah that's pretty cool
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Tried Brooklyn Brewery's Brooklyn Local 1 today. A good beer, perhaps a little sweeter than I would prefer. It's not going to replace Fin du Monde or Three Philosophers for me but it was a worthwhile purchase.
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ooh. i've been meaning to try the local 1, 2, and sorachi ace but every time i go to the store i find somethiing else that catches my eye


i've had rodenbach before but not this grand cru.

it was aiight. i think i prefer straight up lambics instead of flanders red ale. it wasn't very tart and it was too far on the sweet side of things


this was supposed to be pretty good, but was super undercarbonated, no acidity, and with all the funk and malt was unpleasant all around

hmmm. thinking about it you guys think they were stored improperly or for too long? reading the reviews what i'm tasting seems really off. i dont think the place where i get beer from is climate controlled. more like a warehouse

what to do if you think the beers taste off or different from what they should?
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