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I had a Brahmin. Brazilian stuff, quite good. Goodlooking bottle too.

I didnt like the sam adams summer ale that much.

regular sam adams goes well with BBQ.

God, I love beer.
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My favorite beer depends on context. With lunch outdoors on a sunny day, I like Hoegarden. Meeting my friend for drinks/dinner at a bar with a good selection, I start off with Dogfish Head 60-minute IPA (or a regional IPA if DH is unavailable), move onto some dark ales, and finish with a framboise. Watching my beloved 'Skins on Sunday afternoon, it's Bud/Miller light (whatever's on special).

Last night I had an Allagash White and Chimay Triple at The Reef. The Allagash was okay (not as good as Hoegarden), but the Chimay was fantastic.
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Had a bottle of Edelweiss Hefetrub from Austria last night. After Hacker-Pshorr, one of the tastiest wheat beers I've had the pleasure of drinking.
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hacker pshorr makes great beers all around
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Went to Pizza Paradiso for the last time tonight. I had two doppelbocks. Awesome beers! Also, I got a copy of their beer menu, with the wonderful descriptions of 80+ beers. I know what I'll be drinking for the next few months.
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+1 on the Paulaner double bock. That's a tasty brew.
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Russian River's Pliny the Elder (Double IPA) - hoppy goodness!
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Even though I hate Delaware, I love Dogfish Head Raison D'Etre.
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After spending several days drinking beer in Belgium my favorite is still Antwerp's De Koninck. Cheap but unbelievably smooth compared to anything in the states. Unfortunately I can't find this stuff anywhere in the US anymore.

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I'm an old school. low-brow kind of guy.
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I just recently found Duvel, a Belgian golden ale. 8.5%, but damn it's nice. Got myself a bottle of that tonight, as well, as Hoegaarden Le Fruit Defendu and Mountain Goat Hightail Ale. Didn't get any Little Creatures beers, although I was promoting them, the store I was working at is really anal about their stock.
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yuengling lager
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If you like Hoegaarden or Blue Moon (the worst option) check out Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold, it's infinitely better.

For a good drink, mix the Dortmunder with lemonade, no joke, it's ridiculously delicious.
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My stand by beer is Boont Amber Ale. Absolute classic that never lets me down.

On the lighter side, I care for Pilsner Urquel and lately have been enjoying Trumer Pils.

On the darker side, Brother David's Double Ale and Paulaner double bock are great.

Stouts are a stand by as well. Favorites include Young's (when in England), and Old Ras Russian.

And I haven't touched on favorite Belgian beers ...

I don't think it's possible to have an all time favorite beer because I've got more than one "beer mood."
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Slight derail: I had my first IPA the other day, Goose Island's, and the pungency of the spices nearly knocked me down. It was like drinking a glass of potpourri. Are all IPA's like this?
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