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Had a Brew Dog Dogma in the Haven in Boston over the weekend. Was a truly awesome taste - fruity with little bitter aftertaste considering it's 7.8% ABV.
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Forever winning...
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i like how i provided the tiniest bottle. must've been quite the night.
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tooch, the new (as in I was unaware of it) three floyds I mentioned the other week was Jinx Proof... maproom had it marked as a pilsner which I don't know if thats entirely accurate but it was delicious and what I loved most about it was it was the easiest drinking beer I have ever had from them... meaning I wouldn't hesitate recommending it to any one to try (you pretty much need to be a hop head to find any thing else they brew to be palatable). I went through a 6 pack of 3floyds gumball head last night. Its been quite some time since I last had it and my god do I love that beer.
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Jinx Proof isn't new they actually brewed that last Summer and it's been around here and there. 5 Star had it for a few months on-tap in like August/September and it was debuted at Kuma's annual block party. It's pretty good, we brewed our own version of Alpha King yesterday morning with a slightly different hop profile and higher ABV, it's my very own Very Pale American American Pale Ale...
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also did some sampling of these guy's crooked line... their double IPA. Which wasn't as hoppy as alot of the double IPAs you find nor as fruity as some of the others you find on the other end of the spectrum. I had never heard of them before but the beer was fantastic and I will be picking up more from them.
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Originally Posted by bdeuce22 View Post
i like how i provided the tiniest bottle. must've been quite the night.

that wasn't even everything, we did stout fest in january, the other pictures were from sour power a couple weekends ago. it's become a monthly event where all of us and the wifeys/pre-wifeys come out, eat and get plastered. it's also a plus several of them are professional chefs and the food is always top-notch, the girls talk about girly things while the guys play who has the biggest beer nerd dick by breaking out the rarest beers they've got...
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Tooch, those pics look like a serious good time!!! I've never seen/heard of many of those, but that's a good thing. I wish I lived in a place where people had as much love for craft brews as I do.

I was just reading an Article in the newest Beer Magazine about Sour beers, and I can't wait to try some. Looks like I will have to make another hour and a half trip to get some new brews.

Anyone know a place I need to check out while in Minneapolis to drink and to purchase some good stuff to bring back down to Iowa??
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The only thing you need to worry about buying when you're in Minneapolis is anything from Surly, you can thank me later...
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Originally Posted by bdeuce22 View Post
where the tiger blood and how was the Stawberry Lambic. Might have that one tonight.
Had some of this a long time ago. It's nice if you like the taste of sour berries etc.
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Home brew from a friend
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would anyone near russian river brewing company be willing to proxy me a couple pliny the elders? id be more than happy to hook you up with some northeastern locals in exchange
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Pliny The Elder has to be my favorite all-around beer. It's incredibly balanced, with just the right amount of everything.
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I think I am one of the few who really doesn't like PtE that much, I'll take a Dreadnaught or Two-Hearted over a Pliny any day. It's good, but not all that great...
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Duvel and SA Tripplebock....speaking of which, any idea where to get the later? It's been dry around the Chicagoland area for this.. Thanks...
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