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any tips on shipping beer? how to package? hide it? i dunno. was planning on just sending a few bottles.
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post
any tips on shipping beer? how to package? hide it? i dunno. was planning on just sending a few bottles.

Package excessively well, do not ship USPS.
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The last pic I posted was all beer that was shipped to me from a friend. All 24 bottles were wrapped individually with bubblewrap, and there was very little space so the bottles couldnt bounce around. Just bring the box sealed and ready to go and usually no one will ask any questions.
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I will take some pictures of the different methods tonight, you can buy special carriers that fit inside boxes or the old packing peanuts and bubble wrapped bottles always works just make sure to electrical tape the bottle caps and place them into a ziplock baggie after they are bubble wrapped to protect from breakage or spillage. It also minimizes the damage if one bottle breaks...
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Okay, KBS is the shit. I now see what all the hype is. In other news I have a case of Old Curmudgeon which I'll try to age over the year(s) and see how it changes. I drank my last 2006 Bigfoot barleywine a couple months ago. That' improved vastly.
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Couple that I am liking at the moment are Highland Brewing Company (Asheville, NC) Kashmir IPA. Also, a beer called the Hop Project. Very nice, citrusy, and obviously, tons of hops.
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Tonight was Founders Breakfast stout, followed by a Dragomead Final Absolution Tripel. Delicious.
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Sam Adams Infinium Ale - Awesome fruity malty taste with a dry champagne like finish and champagne like carbonation. I'll be stocking up on this one for sure.
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Mail man came. Bought these. It's from a very local brewery named Kuhnhenn. This shit is out of this world good.
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OMG Brian. Only one Pliny the Elder?

Are you able to score any KBS in your area?
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KBS is long gone. Release is in march I believe. I will be buying the limit come march. I might be able to get another bottle. All those bottles came from someone on this very thread. cough cough tooch.

The barrel 4th is out of this world. It's fucking awesome. And those raspberry eisbocks will garner me ones first born.
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Damn, which is the bourbon stout you had mentioned was coming out soon?
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I bought the bourbon (barrel) aged ale today. It's called barrel aged 4th dementia. This stuff is unreal. It's so good.

If we talked about it a couple nights ago, it might have been KBS, which is released in march.

There is also an aged alenfrom he'brew that you might like.
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Yeah, I will just let you know that's an '09 KBS which took me forever to get, I would've sent you to Plinys, but I needed one for that KBS. I am going to work on getting some more later in January from a guy I've done some trading with out in Cali. I am going to suggest you drink the Pliny, Daisy Cutter and Moon Man now because all are fresh (well the Pliny is on the border), you want all that hoppy goodness. The pumpkin ale, wheat beer and the beer from Florida are just some random extras I threw in, I've had them all before and the last thing I need is more beer! That box is nothing compared to the next one you've got coming, I hop you like fruit beers, hops and coffee (not all together of course)...
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lets vow not to get this off the first page. some holiday brews.

New Glarus Moon Man - very drinkable pale ale. lots of citrus with a refreshing finish. could drink a bunch of these in a night.

Pliny the Elder - another pale ale that is well balanced. again, lots of citrus notes with a smooth finish. not sure if it warrants all the hype beer nerds give this, because it is JUST beer, but it is damn good.

Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock - local brewery. this was brewed once in 2007 and has been bottled every winter since. neat packaging with the waxed dipped cap. people go nuts over this shit. while i can appreciate people's hobbies (since all of us hear have an affinity for the finer things in life) I don't see the ridiculous hype. Don't get me wrong, the beer is very good. Reminds me of chocolate raspberry cake. Not too chocolately and not too raspberry-y. for being 13.5% abv, you can't taste the alcohol. this is definitely a sipper. I should've waited until it warmed up a bit because it seemed to open up the more I drank it. I wish it came in a bigger bottle (6.3oz)
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