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De Molen x Naparbier collab. Sweet, but solid.

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I love the people behind Naparbier, but I've been pretty disappointed by most of their stuff. Spanish breweries really need to figure out quality control. Granted it's been a while since I've tasted anything from them.

St Arnold in Houston released Pumpkinator today. People freak out about this beer and buy it by the case every year. I tasted it just to see what the hype is about, it's just not good. No body and the flavor reminds me of bad potpourri. I wish the taste of Houston consumers would expand beyond that, but it's just not happening. Pretty disappointing.
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I've had the same experience with Naparbier and Edge Brewing... Guess De Molen saved this particular collab...
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I love this beer so much...

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Great, refined brew... Expected more body for a 10.5% beer though...

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Aggressively peated... Would prefer the more easy-going Kees Peated Impy Stout...

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Band Wagon NE Style IPA at Powder Keg Brewery (Niwot, CO)

This place rocks! It's a quick 3.7 mile bike ride on gravel and roads from home.

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I recently got worried that some of the "lighter" beers and wild ales I've bought 1.5 years ago and cellared since would "die", so I put them in the fridge. Surely enough, I couldn't resist cracking them open (there are still three waiting though) almost immediately. Didn't take notes or anything, but:

Crooked Stave's Fleur d'Lees and St. Bretta Citrus are both great. So refreshing and well balanced. Just wow. If there wasn't the price tag, I would drink tons of CV's beers... Also opened their Origins (Base Burgundy Sour aged in Oak Barrels.). Also really really good. Light bodied and just super refined, refreshing and balanced. Opened one of my Schneider Weisse Tap X Mein Aventinus Barrique (2014; still have like 8 bottles in my cellar) as well. Good, and similar style, but a different beast altogether. Just much more powerful and slightly less balanced. Really excited how they'll evolve in the next 3, 6, 12, ? months.

Brekeriet's Hoppy and Sour is also decent. Quite bitter/tart.

Just opened the AleSmith Decadence 2014. Pretty good decent. Toffee/caramel, dark/dried fruits, boozy. The alcohol is a bit too prominent, imho. [Edit: yep. wouldn't buy this again] Off the top of my head it reminds me of Schneider Weisse's Tap X Mathilda Soleil, but more boozy. Speaking of which, have any of you tried the "new" Tap X (Marie’s Rendezvous)?

Oh, also opened a bottle of AleSmith Wee Heavy recently. Pretty great, but not my cuppa tea. Too strong liquoric-y notes. [Edit: just remembered that this one was very boozy too. Some review said it's better at slightly warmer temperatures and the booziness actually balanced out a bit, to some extent]

Still have a few darker and a bunch of Belgian Struise beers that have also been cellared for >= 1.5 years waiting for me.
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Was able to snag 3 bottles.

One to drink now, one to save, and one for Beer-it-Forward

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b1os: Marie’s Rendezvous => have one here, haven't tried it yet...

It's a Dolle brew alright - mad carbo but brilliant...

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Ridiculously good... Muscovado sugar <3

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Anyone have any ideas on how to rig a beer fridge for an unheated, unattached, uninsulated garage? I'm mostly concerned about the couple weeks we have here where the temp doesn't get above freezing. Outdoor fridges cost way too much. Maybe rigging up a normal used fridge with a lightbulb inside, connected to a temp gauge, so it kicks on when the temp drops below a certain level?
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Yeah, you just need to buy an STC-1000 temp controller... I have two, they're brilliant, although I do only use them for cooling...

One fancy arse coffee, please!..

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Awesome -- thanks @hc4thehc!
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