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Originally Posted by Jr Mouse View Post

Good of a place to post this as any. Dos Equis has revealed the new Most Interesting Man in the World. I must admit he's not bad at all. Honestly was expecting them to cast someone a lot younger that I would hate.

Sorry to butt in here but I thought this was going to be about me.


Since I'm here, any suggestions for a sour beer. One that is available in Chicago.

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Skilak Scottish Ale from Kenai Brewing Company (Soldatna, Alaska) while camping at Denali National Park.

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Well... It's 5.5% and it's downright mindboggling... I fuckin love Dunham... Brett, oak, vinous, some sweetness, long bitter finish (slightly too aggressive for my likings)... If you're looking for a beer to write a 500 words review on, this might be the one... Or you could just shut it and drink it, like I will... now.

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With my brother, who's leaving for Iran again tomorrow... No beer for him next two weeks!..

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Since it's getting chilly at night here now I had a hankering for some stuff that spent some time in whisky barrels. Started with this one, and it was much milder than I remember the Curieux. Maybe it was the year plus since bottling; maybe my taste was off; but it tasted super smooth and mellow, like a tripel with a bit of barrel flavor, and really hid its 11% well. Not the huge flavor I remember:

Then this one next. Got it in early 2015 as a gift and had been holding on to it since. Exact what you'd expect and super boozy by the end. Glad I was splitting these with a friend:
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Last of me 2008 R8s... When you're ready, put your foot down.

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Some local beers yesterday.

Refreshing, tart, easy to drink at a low abv, but seems pricey for what it is:

This beer just keeps getting better. I remember the first release I picked up years ago being pretty much pure acid sourness when new and needing years to change into something good. Subsequent releases didn't seem all that different, but this one is from January of this year and is fantastic:

Closed out the night with this one. I've had it a bunch, don't think I've ever posted it. The sage works well, giving the beer a huge herbal boost, and it's neat in a very local / western way. Small pour here as I was finishing off the bottle:
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More from Deutschland:

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New glasswear...

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Originally Posted by hc4thehc View Post

Didn't click... Need to re-visit asap, and cellar some bottles...
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Originally Posted by hc4thehc View Post

Last 30+ C° day of 2016?.. Looks like it... Celebrating with Tilquin '12.



Good stuff! Carolus is a recent discovery for me. So good and well-balanced!

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Samplers at Jasper Brewing Company (Jasper, Alberta)...

Counterclockwise from lower left: Rockhopper IPA, Blackeye Blueberry Vanilla Ale, 6060 Stout, Across The Divide Dark Wheat Ale, Athabasca Amber Lager, Snake Indian Rye Pale Ale

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Not 100% my style, but fucking bonkers nonetheless.

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Did anyone else make it to the BA Return of the Belgian Fest? The venue was not the best, but it was a pretty decent time

I really enjoyed the stuff from Three Taverns Brewing in GA (despite the fact that they are apparently ubiquitous there), Foam Brewing in VT and the Black Project in Denver (except the coffee geueze).

Was bummed that the Drei Fonteinen and Fantome were at the same table and the line was pretty long the whole time, so I only tried 2 of the Drei Fonteinen and skipped the Fantome.
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Coffee geuze dafuq?

I like both by themselves but no, just no
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Originally Posted by NOBD View Post

More from Deutschland:


Weihenstephan Vitus is a cracking beer
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