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Originally Posted by NOBD View Post

Good. Me too. I'll try the dipa again in a few weeks.

I have a couple more and a tipa. Back to PP Ponto last night though
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Stick's Pale Ale from Bootstrap Brewing Co (Niwot, CO) -3.4 miles frome home!

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Late night work session fueled by Mosaic IPA by Upslope Brewing...

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Progenitor is my fav CS beer of the ones I've tried so far.


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Local sour... Really good...

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Stone IPA. Brewed in Berlin. 6 weeks ago. Still very good. "Just" 1.89 €/can too and available in some supermarkets. Tastes very fresh from what I'm accustomed too. Lots of hop, very juicy. Can't fathom what a realy, really fresh batch tastes like. Very happy that Stone set up shop here! Wasn't too convinced of the Arrogant Bastard Ale. Also 6 weeks old, noticeable hop but.. maybe I just wasn't in the mood for it. Seemed boring. Couldn't find the CalBel IPA (tbh, not that excited about this one) and the Ruination 2.0 yet (very excited about that one).
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Originally Posted by brp2 View Post

Visited Omnipollo last night. Between my wife and I we tried nearly all of the beers on draught. All of them were enjoyable, and so far it was the beer highlight of the trip. Here's the Hypnopompa, an imperial stout: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Unfortunately, Sweden has terrible beer laws (which feel oddly familiar to me): no beer over 4% sold outside of state stores; pitiful selection at said stores; and no bottle sales at the shop. So my plan to bring home lots of neat bottles as gifts for friends just went pfffft.
Glad you enjoyed Omnipollo! Have you been to Brekeriet too or was that too far away from your schedule? Also, I want one of them Omnipollo pint glasses!
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My first Japanese beer... It's thoroughly brilliant... Of course...
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I quite enjoyed it too. Their "rice beer" is very nice too. Pretty expensive, and lots of haters. but still quite good.
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Finally scored some Cuvée Gaston & Armand!..

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Good, but not as good as the Union Jack that preceded it.
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Had that one when I was in Sweden -- enjoyed it.

Tried to stop by Melvin's taproom today, only to find it closed. Grabbed a six pack canned on the 18th. Pretty nice, very hoppy:

I'll probably hit up their original brewpub tomorrow.
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I can't get no (carbonation).

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Upslope Thai Style White IPA at Jackson Lake Lodge. Tasty beer, great view:

Went to Roadhouse Brewing for dinner. Started with their Sacred Brett, a self described barrel aged sour ale. Well, as expected, not sour at all, which is fine, but no real noticeable barrel flavor either. More like Boulevard's Saison Brett, but without much body. It was ok.

Also had the Rhombus IPA. Pretty decent. Seems to be in the style that everyone is going for right now:

Planning on getting to Melvin's original location in Jackson tonight. Figure I'll pick up a bunch of fresh IPAs.
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