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Beavertown Black Betty Brexit.

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Lotsa Brett. 11%. Foams like mad. One dimensional and a tad boring.

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Another new To Ol beer... This one isnt my cup of tea, at all.

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Sharp, tart, hoppy, citrusy:


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Last night, I finally got to visit a Dogfish Head Alehouse (in Falls Church, VIrginia). I like their IPAs and Brown Ale. I find many of their other beers to be too gimmicky. The crab soup was excellent.

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Sunday - Monday - Tuesday

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Over the last several days up at the family cabin in northern GA Smokey Mountains. First time for each and all were excellent. Last foto from friend's place in Wolf Trap National Park, Vienna VA.

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you didnt find it in VA did you? Ive never seen it in DC.
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No. All purchased at Appalachian Beverage Co., Elijay, GA. I think you're also the one who turned m onto Westbrook some time ago? For that, I am VERY grateful!
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OC, had to cancel all reservations for tonight. We rescheduled at the Gibson for cocktails tomorrow. Any recs for dinner tomorrow? A bit late for reservations, I know...
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Originally Posted by cocostella View Post

OC, is the Gibson decent? We have reservations there before dinner at Pearl Dive. For that matter, is Pearl Dive ok?

It might have been me. I used to drink their gose. I just havent ever seen it in DC outside of Churhkey bar. (in Logan circle)

Gibson is nice, drinks are pretty boozy. I also think they pump oxygen in there...not that thats a bad thing.

I like pearl dive a lot, but have never had any of the food there. Logan circle is a cool part of DC, I go there a lot probably only second to shaw/blagdon alley bars and restaurants.
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​The Lost Abbey - Red Poppy.


Opened to commemorate the 100th anniversary of The Battle of the Somme.


Puts everything into perspective.

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Would've guessed raspberry, would've guessed 8%.

Thank you, Crooked Stave, for this superb 12% OA blueberry sour.

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nice! That is made about 2 miles from my house.

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Lucky bugger...
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