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Originally Posted by OmniscientCause View Post

That's a solid list as of 2 years ago

Thanks--glad to know I'm reasonably up to date!
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@Best Budz Trillium is a can't miss. They don't do samples at the Fort Point location but highly recomend you stop in and grab some bottles to take home. Anything hoppy from them is downright amazing. Located in a cool area with good eats. Row 34 is literally next door with an excellent draft list. Also next door is Fort Point Market which has a pretty decent bottle selection. Should be able to grab bottles/cans from other local favorites like Night Shift, Wormtown, Jack's Abby, Banded Horn, Clown Shoes, Etc. Enjoy your trip!
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Last night, draft:
Super dank ipa
(all 8wired)


Happy me
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Thanks guys I am there for a concert on Saturday and otherwise am free the remaining 3 days, so I will have plenty of time to check out the local beers. I definitely plan on hitting up Trillium and from what I can tell, a trip to Night Shift is doable too. I am mainly interested in checking out MA beers that I can't get up in Maine, so I'm looking forward to it.
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Ok so I'm going to Geers tomorrow... These were limited to two/ person, so figured I'd try to decide whether I needed more... In short: no. It's good, it's reàlly good in fact, but it lacks funk... It's too clean... Has enough wood, not enough horsemanure...

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Played hooky today (well, planned in advance vacation time, but still, it felt that way).  Went for a long trail run, finalized a big beer order, and then went out.  Had these two along with Anderson Valley's Blood Orange Gose on draft (very nice on a hot day).


This was disappointing.  Maybe I expected too much, but at 5.25% a "session" IPA named Hoppy Birthday should have much more going on.  Maybe it was old because my state sucks for beer:


Ok, so my state doesn't always suck.  A local brewery, and a beer I've posted before, but they've changed the label so why not revisit it.  I love this beer.

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definitely think you had a stale hoppy birthday. despite its low abv, i remember it being closer to a standard ipa than a session. really aromatic and nice, clean bitter finish
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Originally Posted by brp2 View Post

Thanks--glad to know I'm reasonably up to date!

Haha wish I could have contributed more but you covered all the spots I'd go before I moved. Coincidentally I was in town last night and stopped in trilliums new canton spot. I was pretty impressed.

I also did a side by side of a lot of hoppy beer last night from all over the country. Trilliums stuff was holding strong and I was really disappointed with the stuff from toppling Goliath, which I never thought I'd say.
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Ok - Geers!.. Whilst my mate was smoking outside, and my other mate had yet to arrive, I popped in with a headstart...

=> 3 last 37.5cls bottles of 3 Fonteinen Golden Blend, yep I'll have those...
=> 3 last bottles of BFM Saint Bon Chien Grand Cru 2013 Rum Casks, yeah I'll have those as well...
=> bottle of Tilquin Mûre to see what the fuss is all about...
=> bottle of Cantillon '14 to see whether it's better than the appalling 2013s I had...
=> some smoked beers (Schlenkerla), some Polish porter (Kormoran Porter Warminski, cheap as fuck at 2.3€/ 0.5l!)
=> Fantôme Hivêr, brilliant black saison, To Ol Black Malts BIIPA, a locally made stellar saison (d'Erpe Mere) and the Weizenbomb that is Schneider Meine-Hopfenweisse

Ready for spring and summer...




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backyard deck of my summer sublet in L.A.

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brp2 - You had a bad bottle. Hoppy Bday is real good. I'm under the impression Alpine's beers don't travel too well, for some reason. Not sure they have decent distribution, or maybe something else... Dunno.
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Warming up the 'cue on a beautiful afternoon with some Old Chub Scotch Ale (Oskar Blues -Longmont, CO).

The "during" picture...

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The colour had me thinking my tapwater had been laced with LSD... Spectacular stuff really.


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i really love most of the petite sour series
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Just ordered some more Crooked Stave beers... Beergium's selection is quite insane...
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