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I'll raise you 10 since last week. Congratulations, jongeman!
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Originally Posted by hc4thehc View Post

First birthday drink of the day... I turned 35 - oh my giddy aunt I'm getting old frown.gif

Delicious and subtle - fan...


Happy birthday mate. :cheers:


I see you still have the Stille Nacht Reserva that I quizzed you on when you posted last year - I'm not jealous or anything... :drool:

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Aye I'm opening the bottle on Sunday, sharing it with my mate...

For now: saison brewed with pears, Sauternes barrel aged: To Ol's Peardon My French... And it's every bit as good as it sounds...

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Happy birthday! Today's small haul and a Lagunitas Waldo's Special to enjoy whilst prepping dinner.
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One of the cheapest and one of the best. Don't bother with its filtered brother, the white label, though...

Temperature has dropped significantly here... Time for an Old Chub... What a nice beer!..

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I've got a whole fridge door full of Old Chub. Love that stuff...
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Stille Nacht Reserva 2010. Enough said.



And my mate's Mikkeller Beer Club loot for this month:

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Ending the birthdaybeerweek on a bang... Great beer, nice OA Pinot Gris.


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Extremely good and so much better balanced than Molotov Cocktail.



Hoppy and spritzy but nothing special from Mikkeller



2009 Kasteel - as always fantastic.



Strong coffee and ashy imperial stout - excellent.

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^ Got a sample of the Molotov Heavy today. Liked it, but 17% alcohol is a bit much for regular drinking.
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On tap at the beer bar across the street from my apartment: Damnation and Sorachi Ace. What a time to be alive and not yet cirrhotic (knock on wood).
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Crap picture, great beer. If you're an old hag who likes dates and porto like me, that is.


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All: any recommendations for Sweden? We'll be there about a month from now, staying for about a week and a half, with no real itinerary yet aside from some time in Stockholm and Norrkoping (I think).
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Brekeriet (Malmö) and Omnipollo (Stockholm) are the most popular candidates, I think.
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@b1os thanks!
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