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This Cisco Pechish Woods was a 2013 that I had kept cellared, still plenty of fruit!

Not pictured was a 64oz growler of Trillium Vicinity

Ocooney, ever the great host, put together a lovely spread of charcuterie, a pot of excellent jambalaya and a fantastic chocolate bread to accompany the stouts

Beautiful New England spring day, that got a little cold in the evening.
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Sad I had to miss this one but I'll be at the next one. Awesome line-up guys!
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A friend and I did a 7.5 mile run from the Left Hand Brewing Co. taproom. Just along paved paths, but it was nice to checkout new trails and new ales. As it turns out, his job was keeping me out of the house so my wife could setup a surprise birthday party for me. Good times....

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3F Oude Geuze 2007 - flat, but still good. Prairie Gold bombed after it. Like eating a saltless ricecracker after a 4 course Thai meal.



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Liquid Confidence re-stock for autumn 2016 + spring beers!..



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3 Floyds Dark Lord Day was a complete show as usual. I was prepared for the weather this time but I'm too old to stand for 7 hours straight. On the plus side I got my allotment plus a variant, Ronaldo. I had pours of Marshmellow Hanjee and French Vanilla Militia and both were preposterously good. Also shared a ton of beers of which Sexual Chocolate on pappy barrels was the star.
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Perks of starting work at 5.30 am: home in time for sun, couple of pages of Barbusse's "Under Fire", and this pretty damn good lambiek beer... When even your burps taste complex and woody, you know you're onto something special...

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Aaaah yes... La Moneuse... One of my favourites... Soapy, grainy, fruity,... Always a treat... And full bodied at 8%...

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Cask Ziggy Stardust (English Ale) at Boulder Beer while waiting for my car at the shop. This is only one of three breweries within easy walking distance (there are also two distilleries and a meadery close by!).

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Would buy this again, Bret with Gose-like brineyness and a mellow tang.
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Just chillin' at the dog park with an Avery IPA.

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Beergium now has EVEN MORE JESUS, fellow €uros rejoice!.. He also has a boatload of rare HOPPIN FROG...

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Hill Farmstead collab beer in Fantôme glass. Max saison lvl reached.

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