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I like this... Bit hot, bit sweet, lotsa bourbon, beautiful clear amber in colour,... Not very refined, but does a very fine job of taking the edge off...

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Originally Posted by hc4thehc View Post

"Reward of the day" is what that says... The Eisbock is like the Tap 6, but filled to the roof with firework, mad Rottweilers, barbwire, and images of Nicolas Cage in one of his bad movies...

Weiß ich doch. smile.gif Just wondered if my meines was correct.
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Oersoep Sergeant Pepper (because of the peppery yeast) at the brewery



Brewing is cleaning







Upstairs there's an open cooling container (don't know the English term) where wild yeasts can sometimes play. (Sometimes, because when it's too hot, too many bacteria want to play along.)

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@hc4thehc, I definitely enjoyed that when I went to their beer ball (and again when I cracked open the bottle I bought there).

Had the chance to check out Smuttynose in Hampton, NH this weekend and buy a few other things for the road. Look forward to posting a bit more detail when I have a chance.
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Nowt extraordinary...

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Schneider Tap 1 and 7 - not good, but 7's definitely the worst of the two... Drainpour...


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I've got 7 in the fridge... What didn't you like about them? Banana? smile.gif
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You get banana first, then it quickly dies in a fire of rubber and nailpolish... Horrible.

Washing it all down with a decent coffee w/ bourbon...

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A decent Scoth Ale. Good on a cool afternoon!

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Very sweet from my memory, I've been meaning to buy more to attempt kombucha mixed drinks.
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Present I got yesterday:


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Haven't been having that much interesting lately.  Some exceptions:


This one was interesting.  I enjoyed it, and I got some of the barrel aging, but what I really got was booze.  Lots of alcohol, missed the peaches, juniper, lemon and white wine flavors.  Not bad, just not what I was expecting.


This one was really nice.  Easy drinking, mildly sour (I'd call it tart), with the added bonus that the brewery's owner bought it for me.  Sometimes small town life has some bonuses.


Had bought this even before the above happened. Lots of cucumber, little to no gin.  Definitely interesting and I can see it being a great summer beer.  Hazy as hell, though.


Along the same lines of the Birthday Suit but both a bit sharper in the tartness (again, can't really call it sour) and more pronounced in the sweetness.  Another easy drinker, and a great color to boot.

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Mikkeller, fresh can. Good stuff.

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​All good and very different.


Recently went to the local Brewdog bar for the Stone tap takeover and had sampled some interesting draft beers such as Hifi lofi mixtape, Double Bastard (not a patch on bottled), Americano Stout and Thunderstruck IPA (not as good as ruination - the mouthfeel was a little lacking and the hoppiness promised by the initial aroma fell short of my expectations).


Whilst I was there It would have been rude not to have tried the new AB20 and Dog E. AB20 is a very boozy mocha barley wine which I must say pleasantly surprised me. Dog E is the annual chili stout (this year 16.1%) and every year I have tried this (B, C & D) and have been disappointed by the lack of chili presence. This year though they have ramped it up to a slightly spicier Prairie Bomb! level of heat. Unfortunately the other flavours are not on the same park as Bomb! put a good solid imperial stout nonetheless.

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Yesterday @concealed and another friend came over and we had this stuff:

The LP was from @hc4thehc via @Ken P, and was my first LP. The nose on the DeGarde was amazing
R&D was from @Tooch4321 in the Xmas swap and was really good. I'd guess new or once used oak based on the vanilla notes.

Tree House Bright was great; Trillium Lineage sucked. The Grimm was interesting but I didn't get any spruce

Recent KBS and Regal Rye: I preferred the Regal Rye
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