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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

Summertime shandies are the best. Cheladas with shitty Mexican beers are a close high

would give a thumbs up except I don't like cheladas
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

i thought micheladas were spicy and cheladas were just lime juice and salt

micheladas for brunch, cheladas for watching people mow the lawn

You're right of course.  I just assumed you meant michelada.  The hot sauce does make the shittiness of the beer less shitty.

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oh wait, a chelada is not a michelada? nvm, maybe i like cheladas

i just don't like any tomato juice + alcohol combo

btw, i'm v. pleased that i've helped make this thread temporarily super trashy
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Cheladas are basically lime shandies that are slightly salty not sweet. My go to at awesome taco places that only have crappy beers
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Six point grapefruit shandy is on fleek
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Drinking a Founders Project Pam. Good shit
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Having a Mikkeller wheat is the new hops.  Also good shit.  

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Any tips for German beers? Weizens, but also other types, especially for the spring and summer months (when I hardly drink heavy, dark beers).
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For hefeweizens Weihenstephaner, Ayinger, Paulaner, the various Schneider Weisse beers, Franziskaner, Edelweisse are the big ones. All really quite great. Weihenstephaner is a easy go to and the Schneider Weisse stuff I've had have been awesome

Ayinger's Celebrator and Weigenstephaner's Vitus are some of the best dopplebocks if you're into that. Uerige's altbier if you want something odd and and intense. I'm not a big fan but some of the above breweries also do rauchbiers which are smoked bocks

Also random goses in the summer are just fantastic. The German ones tend be much more subtle and some of the ones I've had have have had this iodiney metallic like taste.

@b1os probably knows more tho
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Thanks! I've tried Weihenstephaner, Paulaner, Franziskaner and Erdinger (and Schöfferhofer; König Ludwig Hell is waiting in the fridge). What are goses?
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Like sour wheat beer with coriander and a little salt
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Interesting. smile.gif Will try. Sounds like Belgian witbier (without the salt).
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Various €uro breweries are making goses right now... To Ol, Omnipollo,...

Best German beer by the way is SCHNEIDER WEIZEN-EISBOCK: http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/schneider-aventinus-weizen-eisbock/10514/
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The above listed are all pretty large breweries. There's a bunch of craft breweries but idk how distribution to the NL is. Probably not that good. I'd also guess that you can't get any Altbier or Gose--it's difficult enough to get them in Germany. Same for real Berliner Weisse (not Berliner Kindl Weisse). tongue.gif
But yeah, for Hefeweizen and such you can't go wrong with Weihenstephaner, Schneider Weisse etc.
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Thanks, b1os. I will visit a Trinkgut in the near future and see what they have to offer. Probably also large breweries, but good prices anyway. smile.gif
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