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Best Fantôme for me this... A 10% black saison... Herbal, rich, long bitter finish, stunning colour...

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Xocoveza was really interesting last year, a lot of spice, I could probably split a bottle between two people easily
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Small To Ol order...

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Think I'm going here tomorrow unless you guys have a better suggestion.

Anything that stands out?


If I was smart, I'd just rent a car and go crash Hc4thehc's house and help start cleaning out his beer cellar.
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Nothing rare or unusual here (and a bad shot quickly taken) but here are a few favorites in the rotation:

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Starting off IPA night with a bang.

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@b1os Definitely try the Monkey Paw collab. I haven't had, but most everything MP is quite good. That Stone list in general looks solid, save the Cali-Belgique... but even that was still pretty nice, and with the sage (a favorite herb of mine), could be delicious.
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Local tonight... Laurelwood free range red. Very good with pad Thai
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#3. My favorite so far. Don't drink around police, unless you are in Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Alaska, or the District of Columbia.

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Had a bottle of this yesterday:

Cellared for a while (official BBE 08/2016). Delicious stuff. Good punch of bitterness.

Gonna have a bottle of 2012 Pannepot later today.
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Nerd stuff, really...

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Originally Posted by Pilot View Post

Think I'm going here tomorrow unless you guys have a better suggestion.

Anything that stands out?

Bon Voeux, Moinette, Saison Dupont, Boon geuze,... Nothing crazy, but those are solid... Although 14€ for a 75cl bottle of Bon Voeux is ridiculously much...
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New Zealand IPA and Austrian trappist quad over here


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Encountered a Struise based mystery this evening for which I call upon the collective expertise of our fellow members to solve.


In short, I opened a 2014 Pannepot tonight and I suspect the wrong label was on the bottle.


Poured a tad lighter than Pannepot with a slightly reddish hue but still very dark. Not a big foamy head like Pannepot is renown and a vinous and slight tartness with a very complex taste of overripe fruits and edging towards a sour but not at the sourness level of Ypres or Ypres Reserva.


I have sampled many vintages of Pannepot as well as the Reserva and Gran Reserva (I would hazard a guess over 30 :embar:) and have always found them to be massively consistent so have ruled out an infected bottle and found the contents of this bottle to be delicious in it's own way - just a bit of a surprise when expecting the rich, fruitcake flavours of Pannepot.


To rule out any discrepancies in my memory (purely for experimental purposes you understand :D)  I opened a bottle of 2015 which displayed the usual Pannepot appearance, aroma, and taste.


I have deduced that it could have been a mislabelled bottle of Aardmonik which, if true, would please me no end as I have been seeking that particular beer for a few years now. Does this sound likely?


Any experiences on the Struise range would be greatly appreciated.


I am also conscious that I have not contributed much to the thread of late (bit of a detox) so here are a few highlights from this month.


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