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Furniture - Los Angeles

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I did a search and found a couple of threads on furniture in San Francisco, NYC, online, as well as Matadorpoeta's thread on "ultramodern furniture" in LA etc. but nothing that really matches what I am researching.

Basically, I am looking for affordable stuff (i.e. Design Within Reach is a little more than I want to spend; on the opposite end, I don't want IKEA) to spruce up a new place. I know that in SF I've been to several cool warehouse-sized places offering modern, affordable furniture. I like the prices on this site, but I heard it is horrible and takes months to ship stuff:

Not looking for specific models at all (Eames, Barcelona, etc. I don't care if it's something well-known)........just need somewhere with a decent variety and a fair amount of stylish choices. I really don't want to stress conceptual or uber-modern stuff, just somewhere with non-boring options. Anywhere worth visiting?

Ideally, there would be a Muji in LA.
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i'm going to guess that la brea and beverly will be too expensive, but you may want to try a place on venice called "french '50s and '60s". they just moved from abbot kinney and they are somewhere east of it, but i don't recall where.
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I'll check it out.
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Try the Helms Bakery complex, by Venice & National. There are a whole bunch of furniture stores, with various levels of pricing, from bare pine stuff to super-pricy modern or antique stuff. You can just stroll around and find the place that matches what you're looking for. You can also grab a great lunch at Beacon's, or drive a mile or so down Venice and get some tasty Cuban food at Versailles.
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Always driven by that place but never gone in. I'll be sure to.
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There are a few places on Silver Lake blvd by the Silver Lake reservoir worth checking out but expect to pay hipster prices.
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Blueprint on Beverly Blvd. It's not high brow furniture but they do have some reasonable stuff. It's about 2 blocks east of La Cienega Blvd. Check them out!
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You should check out Plummers in Culver City. That is where I got all of my furniture and they have some really nice things at good deals.
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