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What is the general opinion of 2(x)ist? I plan on trying their undershirts at least. The crew collar on my Polo undershirts are rolling something awful. I love the Polo boxers, but thumbs down on the undershirts.
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I bought 6 pairs of Zimmerli bikini briefs at Barney's warehouse sale two years ago, reduced from about $65/pair to less than $6 each; then some regular Zimmerli briefs and t-shirts from Sierra Trading Post, for about 40% of the usual price. They are all very nice and quite comfortable, but the bikini briefs are too revealing. My wife says that they show everything I have, to the extent that one can also determine my religion.
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alanc - i also like 2(x)ist undergear, they have a 'higher' end pima cotton line that is very soft and form fitting and overall, i find they wash and wear well, minimal shrinkage, collars keep their shape if you buy from the 'regular' all cotton line, buy the ones that come individually boxed, not the 3 packs in plastic which are usually found at outlets and which appear to be seconds or irregulars, huge difference in quality 2(x)ist also has several variations on their microfibre products, all good value for the money if you're looking for a microfibre product
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Zimmerli makes some underwear which is sold as the Marc Jacobs brand. Blue-fly has some on sale now. I bought some and it seems the same as Zimmerli which I have, except for the label; tag says made in Switzerland. See, for example http://www.bluefly.com/pages....8773863
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this is correct zimmerli makes the underwear for marc jacobs
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I prefer French-backed undershorts: no elastic, long legs, extremely comfortable waist. Does anyone else? If there's another poster who likes these buttoning undershorts, I'd appreciate knowing where he buys his. I formerly bought mine at Brooks, but they've apparently discontinued the garment; Vermont Country Store charges too much; and the excellent linen French-backed sold by a fine little shop in New York has too-short legs.
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I ordered, and received, two pair of Zimmerli Royal Classic briefs. I hate to say it, but they are certainly the most comfortable I've worn; the waist band happens to fall right at my waist, for instance. They're not supposed to be tossed into the regular laundry, and especially not tumble dried. This is a potential problem, as I am unaccustomed to hand washing (or indeed machine washing) anything. My wife suggests taking them into the bath tub with me; I'll give it a try. Incidentally, they cost only twelve times the price of my regular briefs.
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I would think putting them in a lingerie bag (one of those mesh things--if it makes you feel better you can buy it here   ) and washing them on the delicate setting of your washing machine would be fine. Then just hang dry them. Caveat: I am not guaranteeing anything with that advice, and I've never had Zimmerli. But with other hand wash things I've done similar and they seem to be fine. They are briefs after all.
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As a New Yorker, I have no washing machine. We depend on the kindness of strangers to arrange for our laundry needs, but kindness doesn't always imply gentleness. I think I'll be able to manage a quick hand wash. I wonder whether these things are much cheaper in Switzerland. I suppose it would be easy enough to find out. . . . Hang on. . . . No, not by much, if at all. 65 Swiss francs compared with $55 here.
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i throw all my hanro and zimmerli into the washing machine on regular cycle, i see no adverse affect on them however, don't put them in the dryer, let them drip dry if you travel to switzerland anytime from 26 december to 31 january, this is the time of year when all the stores have their sales on and you can pick up zimmerli and hanro t-shirts or boxer shorts, for example, for as little as CHF25 a pair (it's hit and miss on product and depends upon the store)
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I am very proud that I bought 7 pairs of Zimmerli bikini briefs at a Barney's warehouse sale for less than $6 each (about 90% off), but Sunday's paper showed that Target was having a sale on perfectly serviceable Hanes briefs-7 pairs for $5.79. Sure, the Zimmerli's are twice as good, but haven't we lost our sense of perspective?
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My Zimmerlis are routinely machine washed and tumble dried on what I'm told is a gentle cycle. Doesn't seem to hurt them.
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