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Not-sexy men's underwear

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Have any members worn Zimmerli briefs? Are they notably better than the Hanes I've been wearing since 1960?
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OMG please tell me you've changed your underwear since 1960... although, i have some that LOOK like i've worn them for 40 years...
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Now you've scared me, faustian bargain. Let me do a quick inventory. No, you're right. Most of what's in the drawer appears to date from no more than a dozen or so years ago. Fresh as a daisy, all of it.
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Shirtmaker Alex Kabbax says he's worn non-Zimmerli underwear two days of his life. In each case it was to try and reject another brand. It's only a slight exaggeration to describe the difference as between sea island cotton shirts and cardboard. Will
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I've wondered how our own Shirtmaven's boxers are. My usual complaint with boxers is their cut rather than their cloth. I prefer a no button fly that still will not gap, which requires a wider cut fly than many do. The two I've found that I like the best are Polo and Banana Republic. I used to like Brooks, but their fly is really too narrow. I've never tried Zimmerli, but wouldn't at all mind to.
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Nordstroms makes, far and away, the best boxers I've every worn. Maybe not the silkiest cotton perhaps (compared to Charvet, for example), but definitely the best fit. I've tried Brooks Brothers, Charvet, Hilditch & Key, Hanro and others. Nordstroms beats them all. Can't say I've tried Zimmerli though.
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Alan C To answer your question. My boxers are made in a factory near the Jersey shore. This factory bought the machinery and patterns from Delpark. Delpark made boxers for Brooks for many years. The boxers are traditional full cut 3 panel. Uncovered elastic waistband. No buttons. I cut up odds and ends and fabric that might have too many misweaves for shirts. some are made from 40's singles, some are Italian 100's. I even have some made out of voile, for the hot summer months. I only sleep in the boxers I wear 2 xist during the day. I can't afford Zimmerelli. Even if Alex K gave me a discount. Recently I took some 2 ply 120's and made pillowcases instead of boxers. Using two different fabrics. Carl
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Sierra Trading Post constantly has Zimmerli on sale. Never tried them, though.
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I have all Nordstrom underwear (strongly agree with the above poster regarding Nordstrom's underwear) and one pair of Zimmerlis. The Zimmerlis surely make you feel sexy, though my wife thinks they look a bit obscene -- they pretty much leave nothing to the imagination. Still, if you can afford them (I got mine for $25 at Sierra) or justify that price in your mind, why not try 'em?
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amazing drawers. i bought a pair on a splurge in france in 2001. awesome.
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zimmerli is fantastic underwear i believe it is the fact that they use extra long strands of cotton that is mercerized twice to give it that really soft feel along with some exclusive swiss knitting process you can get their lower line, businessclass, for a decent price as an introduction hanro is just as good, different styling, but would be considered equal in quality to zimmerli there is also a swiss company called "isa" that makes very good underwear that is again similar to hanro and zimmerli but at considerable less cost; "caleda" is another swiss underwear company with buttery soft jersey type cotton (they also make some excellent microfibre undershirts and underwear)
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any pointers to sites selling 'isa' briefs or others at a more mid-range price? i too would be interested in trying some more upscale briefs than my hanes, but getting just one pair for the price of a dozen pairs of hanes...hard to justify. from what i can tell, calida, hanro, and zimmerli are all similarly priced, in the $30-40 range. btw - vero: much more interesting and arty avatar, IMO. a little B&W works wonders. /andrew
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I believe la Perla also has a men's line?
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btw - vero: much more interesting and arty avatar, IMO. a little B&W works wonders.
Thanks, Andrew. The picture is for an "executive bio" on a new website my client/current employer is launching later this month. One of the creatives here worked it over...
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i've only purchased isa in switzerland i had never seen it elsewhere but then again, i really haven't looked they do have a website www.isabodywear.ch
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