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Originally Posted by josepidal View Post
What if you're a cargo hauler?

That would work. You would have to make a lot of trips back and forth to gain any headway. I would think you need a pair if you worked for Sisyphus and Sons Moving Company.

I think cargos are really overworked in modern day America. There is no way to wear them without falling into the Polo/Abercromie trap with the cheap web belt, uggh.

Most cargo pants have too many pockets for my taste, 5 are enough. Two at the side, two in the back and one maybe - MAYBE- for my change.

Cargo Pants are a non-starter for me.
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Aquamarine cargo pants by Elhaus are quite unique






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Tremendous five year necrobump.
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Was worth it to see Lakewolf's avatar smile.gif
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