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I'm a 42 in mmm gats and take 8,5 us for brigadiers
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42 in mmm 41 in cp 8 in brigadiers/virgils

Any snugness or tightness will break in
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Originally Posted by Diabolical View Post

I'm a 9 D/E on the brannock for foot length and I sized down for my MMM Gats to a 41, and I have brigadiers in a 8.5 but I feel like I should have gone with a 9. I find the toebox to be quite shallow.

Sorry, I double checked and my MMM Gats are actually a 42.

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Originally Posted by Fycus View Post

Those brigs are vegetable tanned cowhide and extremely susceptible to staining or discoloration. No way you can preserve color, they will darken over time. Best thing to do is wear them as long as possible. As you get dark spots and discoloration go all out and use saphir renovateur and cover them to make the discoloration uniform (any conditioner on these will darken the whole boot). How do I know this? I owned the boots- didn't like how easily the leather marked and discolored itself.

Thanks for the info. Since darkening is inevitable, any advice on what I could use for water proofing the boots - maybe Invulner? I'll look into the Renovateur for conditioning.

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Cant comment, but try and let us know what works- itll probably come up again
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Does anyone know if they make Virgil's small enough to fit women? My wife would like a pair but I'm assuming they don't go down to a men's 5 or 6.
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I know they have fbt's for women, so they probably make Virgil's. I try one of the Japanese proxies
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they did the kngr virgil this winter for ladies, eleased in september, most likely all soldout by now.
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Thanks for the info. Sounds like I should keep an eye on resale sites and look for them during spring and fall drop.
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Hey Guys interested in picking up some grizzly just wanted advice on sizing normally i'm a 9.5  I found a second hand 10 for about $200 below retail really want to pull the trigger. I am just concerned that I will be sacrificing fit for price 

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It will be too big
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Hi All. Recently bought a pair of the FBT Elk. Really love them! Just wondering how they hold up in the rain? Don't plan to get them drenched, but if I get caught out in the rain will they be ok? Or should I spray the leather with some water repellent? I'd rather not apply anything unless I need to. Thanks!

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I put repellent on mine.
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Looking for a Mies coat in size 2 and a Noragi in size 3! 

Take my money!!! :) 

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Does anyone do anything to their Virgils? Conditioner, oil, etc?

Also dam I wish I had this season's Virgils instead of mine frown.gif
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