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Black shirt

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Hi guys, new to the forum, looks pretty great.


I just want to field opinions on a black shirt. Is this difficult to pull off casually, or is it more appropriate for the club? I'm light-skinned but have dark hair, and it looks good. Only thing is that I feel like I could be bar staff. Anyone have an opinion on this?

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Generally frowned upon here. Can be passable in Vegas, clubs, etc.

Part of the issue is not just aesthetic, but who it lumps you in with - bar staff, guidos...
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Even black shirts were used to dress after the WWII hence the popular association to mobsters due to cinema noir on that age, black or dark shirts must not be used to dress on business or dressy.

Only ok to go out night to discos. Don't imitate
Oscar actors on all black, is a mistake.
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No, don't wear them.
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