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Do these fit?

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So, I bought four pairs of 501s a few months ago, and two pairs of chinos. Either I've put on weight or the cuts have changed. Or I'm overreacting / unaware of how they should fit. I'm guessing jeans and chinos can be a closer fit that trousers / trousers tend to be cut straight down whereas jeans and chinos seem to have completely different cuts.


Maybe I'm being OCD, but would seem sizing up one will fix the problems I'm having here, then having the waist brought in by a tailor. Trying to nail chinos and jeans in next few months as need good fitting clothes.


Chinos don't seem as bad. Tried doing lunges and all sorts in the jeans...no softening them up.


Should I buy a size up in each  and then have the waists brought in?

Apologise about the shirt in advance, it's a terrible fit but I'm working on getting better fitting ones.

Here are the jeans, 





And the chinos:






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Sized down wayyy too much, it looks like they're gonna burst (and probably will with time). Size up one or maybe even two, and I really don't think you need to get the waist tailored in after sizing up, the waist really looks quite strained on both of them.
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Will do so, thanks. Will try on sizes up and report back before replacing all the 6 pairs I've bought again and losing more cash.
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I think you need to size up 2 for a good fit, and you'll be a lot more comfortable as well!smile.gif
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