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Wardrobe update at Prada

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I moved about a year ago across country and decided I am starting a new wardrobe with high end pieces that will last a long time and that I am very proud of.  This fall I am setting up an appointment with my local Prada to get in some menswear clothes.  I was wondering if anyone knows the prices for Prada clothing.  I cant find the prices anywhere. I am looking to get a pair of dress pants, a sweater, a casual shirt and a white dress shirt.  What should I be expecting to spend?  Thank you for your help.

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I suggest you search and look around more before committing to Prada. Those items sound very basic too...
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What designers do you suggest?
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Maison Martin Margiela is great for basics, or SLP if money isn't an issue.

But remember high end clothing does not neccecarily last a lot longer, you just look better when they fit.

If you want to save some money look at good quality mid tier brands.

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SLP isn't great for basics unless you want your basics to have zipper and leather inserts. Margiela is better. Maybe Stephan Schneider?
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Basically any classical luxury mens clothing firm would be cheaper and quality wise equal to prada. You're just paying for the name and the cut.

You could look at Canali (cheaper than Prada at about same quality level), Brioni or Loro Piana. (superior in terms of quality to most prada items)

In europe in some outlets Ralph Lauren Black + Purple Label are dirt cheap compared to Prada or Gucci. (I bougt a cashmere Purple Label sweater for 100$ and my girlfriend some nice sandals for 19$ reduced from 425$.)

Some of it is hideous outlet stuff but there are many basics too.

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Thank you for your replies.  I am waiting for the sales associates at Prada to get back to me to see what they can get in.  In the meantime I am going to look into all of your suggestions.  I wish I was close to some nice outlets but I live in Arizona.   

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