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What color to paint my kitchen

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I just bought a condo and currently the kitchen is baby poop brown.
I want to re-paint it, but can't decide on the color.
The cabinets are currently 80's off white laminate with a light wood trim. I'm planning on eventually refacing them with a light wood door. The appliances are black. One wall has a soft transition to the dining room which is currently a dark red. I'm planning on putting up chair rail in the dinning room and painting the bottom half high gloss while with a boxed molding detail and leaving the top red. The flooring is a light laminate. Any suggestions on the kitchen color?
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If you are unsure, cover the walls in cling film first.

That way if you do not like the colour, you can simply peel it off!
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blue on blue?

Don't like the sound of that.
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What kind of natural light do you get? If none or very little, go lighter and brighter. My kitchen is haystack yellow; we get no natural light and it brightens the place up considerably. My wife and I cook a fair amount, so it's important to us.
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we are planning to redo our kitchen ( and our bathroom, our bedroom etc etc) and plan to have the same light coloured wood, probably beech doors.

I plan to use different coloured tiles as a splash back behind the cooker and worktop in reds, oranges and yellows. Not sure about the rest of the kitchen but we'll probably go with a yellow colour. Anything darker and it will look too dark in our kitchen.
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Post a picture or two, it will help make right suggestion.

I am in the middle of a complete house remodel and frankly I am running out of steam. Luckily all major decisions have already been made...and by me.
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Masterbath: before and during. I'll post the after pic if I make it to the end of it all.
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