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Mike, What's wrong with a guy that has LV sneakers? (other than they cost about $475?)(and no, I don't have a pair, just curious)
You'll either look like one of those crazy Japanese fashionista dudes (label whores), or way too metrosexual. You guys know I'm all about fashion and dressing well, but LV sneakers just crosses the line. I don't think I could take someone seriously in LV sneakers. Too pretentious as well.
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How do you feel about the LV Lombok Loafers ($475) then? Although these are very Liberace for being a "˜Football Trainer' ($530) (oh, man these are funny): Link Jon.
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Please don't torture us. Do you think we could get a group discount? Classic
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go with goodyear. vuitton, prada.... Ridiculous
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I've posted these before: I picked these up in Italy a couple of years ago, and they've served me well. Look great irl. I hate when people say this, but I've always received compliments on these. They have a pair in white at Bluefly for cheap...I'm not too sure where to get a black one discounted. Hogan has kept this style these last couple of years, just changing the colors, so you could always check the Hogan store. They have sales bi-annually.
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Yeah, and they cost around $300 (retail); Nice though. Jon.
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Hope nobody gets upset with the comparision, but the first thing those pairs of black sneakers remind me of is the whole chunky Steve Madden/Skechers thing, that is to say I wouldn't go near one of those. My sneaker selection consists of white Nike running shoes, a pair of green Diesel Krypton's, and a lime green pair of Ludwig Reiters that doesn't get much wear because it's one size too big (my mistake in returning). The next time I get a pair it'll probably be something random in the $<100 range from Yoox; either that or I'll start looking at one of those "design your own sneakers" sites.
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Jon, My vote is for the brown Adidas. They look very nice, and I might pick some up myself after seeing the generous price. Personally, I think the chunky all-black look of those Pumas is kitschy. I am fond of those Hogans that Renault posted, though. They seem to have a much better, less absurd and disproportionate shape than the Pumas.
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On a just-barely-related note, ImageWIS' posting of the Classic Sport Shoes website led me to, a website which will allow me to buy stuff from US retailers that don't accept international orders... Yay. Send me an e-mail if you're ever in Melbourne, Jon, and I'll buy you lunch. Cheers. Wandering back on topic, I find the Skutnabb looks a little generic. I'd personally go with the Black-and-white Tuscany GTs. The red-and-tan Pradas look nice, too, but I couldn't see myself buying them unless they were on clearance at 75% off or so... EDIT: Anyone have any thoughts on the K-Swiss Amestoy?
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EDIT: Anyone have any thoughts on the K-Swiss Amestoy?
nice, but still partial to the goodyears. the K Swiss wlii be better w/ khakis
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I tried the Adidas Tuscany's on, but they are way too stiff. In my overall experience, Puma leather tends to be softer than Adidas leather. The Hogan's cost way too much for what you get, there is just no justification for an expenditure of that size. Plus, they are very similar to Pumas Speed Cat in leather (sans Puma logo at the front-side of their shoe)...of which I already own two pairs. Here is what the Puma Skutnabb looks like in white and also in blue (Since the black is kind of hard to see in pictures, especially the sole): Jon.
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What I also like is these (Puma Rennbahn 50), but I can't find my size (7 ½ American, 40 EU, 255 JP) here in the U.S. Does anyone know who might carry them? Jon.
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These are the casual sneakers Ive been wearing lately... Nike Dunk "Futura" (retails @ around $200)
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I remember some time back Ernst posted a pick of some black Puma's he had. I was wondering what the name of the model these were. Cheers, Adam
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These are the casual sneakers Ive been wearing lately... Nike Dunk "Futura" (retails @ around $200)
good one. many of you may gawk at euro-fashion styled sneakers, but nike dunks are king. and addidas stan smith's as well.
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