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Velasca Dongioann


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Has anyone bought their nubuck boat shoes?

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Thought I'd give my 2 cents, recently purchased a pair of Belgian loafers in 40.5 and they fit very large compared with my 40.5 Church's, Alfred sargent and Cleverley loafers (I have a pair of Loake Etons in 41 and they were  larger than that!). 


Unfortunately, I was already half way down the street when I realised they were just going to be too big. Don't make the same mistake I did and go for a smaller size! Otherwise, they look fab - when finances look good again, I'm going to have to bit the bullet and order a pair that fits...

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Does anyone have any pictures or information regarding the quality of wear and durability of the binder leather used by velasca? I've read that binder leather creases easily and once creased, looks horrible, so I'd love to see pictures of a pair of worn Velasca shoes- preferably the tassel loafers. Thanks in advance.
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Does anyone have experience with Velasca's penny loafers and can post some IRL photos? I'm also particularly curious about how they fit, as my size in not in stock and delivery time seems very long...
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I believe they raised their prices a bit
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Just got e-mail, they started make sneakers

for those who is interesting in thia aesthatic

seems way better then Gustin option (for example), but it's preorder.


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Just ordered a pair of CICIALARDÒN in size 43. Bit surprised with the checkout process as it never gave me a total before finalizing. Glad to see VAT removed. Final price $213 Canadian. Praying duty, taxes and brokerage are less than the price of the shoes...
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They arrived! I'm very impressed with the quality. Leather is a bit stiff but I don't see any imperfections and I really like the style. Length is comparable to a 10D Allen Edmonds although the toe box feels roomier.


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@TurboTropic Did you have to pay anything for duty and taxes?

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They were delivered today by FedEx and my wife signed for the shipment - they never requested any funds. I'm not certain though that I won't get an invoice after the fact. If they don't then it's a bargain.
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Yes, it's possible. I've received FedEx invoices in the mail for a couple of purchases after they were delivered. Wear em in good health!

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Great shoes! Own a pair of belgians loafers and they are seriously comfy :D :D

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