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Dinner suit - advice needed!

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Hi, My dinner suit quest continues. My frustration mounts. Time is running out. I have been all over the DC metro area looking for an (ideally discounted) single-breasted, one-button peak-lapel dinner suit. Other than a $1495 Canali at Nordstrom's and the Brioni jacket-sans-slacks on sale at Neiman for $1300 I have had little luck. At a $1500 price point, I am thinking of going MTM - any recommendations on places to go in the DC area? My constraints are: * I'd like to spend ~$1500 tops for canvassed jacket * I need fairly quick turnaround (wedding is Sep 5) Therefore I was thinking of Brooks MTM or Custom Shop. Both said that they could meet my specs and - likely - my timeline. Neither of them, I would guess, are marvellous in terms of quality, but they may not be all that bad. Of course, the other option would be to just rent for the Sep 5 wedding and wait for Chan to come to DC in November... Anyhow, thought I'd put it up for your advice. Any guidance is appreciated.
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Duveen, I'll be back in Boston Monday and can look for you then if you'd like. 44L right? If I see anything matching your desire, I'll put it on hold and let you know.
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Duveen-- Just about the only articles of clothing I've been able to buy off the rack are Brooks Bros. dinner jackets. I've owned at least four of them, and they're both stylish and durable. I'd recommend Brooks--for this only--and suggest that MTM may not be necessary. Save a buck. Mike
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Thanks for your response. When I went in today the Brooks in downtown DC carried no single-breasted peak lapel dinner jackets in my size. They had a couple of leftover jackets from before the new management - those in charge have apparently decreed that the notch lapel is all that there will be from now on. I can ask them to send down an example from NYC or Boston (if they have any). I'd prefer to buy OTR if I can, believe me.
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No peaked lapel dinner jackets at Brooks? Is nothing sacred? (No, nothing is sacred.) Well, try to get one of the old ones. You won't regret it. Mike
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Samuelsohn does a great peaked lapel midnight blue three piece for around $1500.
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One word......Jantzen. I recently ordered a black, single-breasted, one button, peak lapel dinner suit from looks great, very Italian. I'll post pics after I get it back from the dry cleaners (to put a crease back into the trousers).
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Jantzen for suits? Interesting... could you provide written details too? I.e., is it canvased, how was the level of construction, handwork, etc? How much fabric choice is available? How much do they charge? The website does not appear to promote their suits, but perhaps because fit is so hard to do over the internet. (That said, other sites such as James & James and other HK tailors appear to take internet measurements). Did you order the dinner suit over the internet or in person?
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Hi downtowner.....I order locally. In fact, Jantzen is as good for suits as he is for shirts. In fact, practically my entire working wardrobe - suits and shirts - is from jan. Like the shirts, you can ask for pretty much any type of detailing/construction for suits. Quality of construction is quite high. My wardrobe used to be filled with Pal Zileri, Lanvin, Hugo Boss, Gieves & Hawkes, etc, etc, before I became a convert..... Jan is better than most off the rack for a third of the suits actually fit my form now, instead of being baggy/tight in the wrong places. Jan has a decent selection of fabrics.....vbc, toni tommi, etc, etc.....super 130s, 150s.....I'll post some pics this weekend.
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I'd love to see those pics when you get the chance. Thanks.
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Sorry about bringing back an old topic, much less a thread hijacked one (sorta) but does anyone have any more info on the jantzen suits? Also, what I am curious as to what Duveen purchased in the end... What is a peak lapel? Thanks everyone. Scot
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