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Zuriick Boots

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Has anyone had any experience with these? They say the leather is sourced from the USA and they look pretty sweet. I would love to know if these boots are any good or not. Thanks

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They look cheaply made. Designs are ugly as well IMO.
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I've had decent experience with their canvas shoes, nothing with their dress shoes or boots.  But I can think of MUCH better and safer purchases for the $200 or $500 the boots in stock are going for, yeesh.  They have pretty big clearance sales near the end of each season though, I guess you might wait and see if they show up there.

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I own the William Black. Great fit. I sized down by 1/2 size.

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Use code USA20 for 20% off.

American leather. Zuriick are a few custom configurations made by Nick's. Zuriick seems to have some higher end finishing than Nick's.
I am extremely happy with my one pair. I wish they made more variations.
Solid and clean!
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Moving equipment today. Got dinged.

DIY with wife's jewelry glue.

After glue dried, I brushed and used some Red Wing Nuetral shoe cream.

Not perfect, but better. I think the glue residue will clean up more over time. These are work boots, anyways.
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Love these boots for work.
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