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Originally Posted by NorCal_1 View Post
most girls are not going to date some random guy living in their building because they'll figure that if they break up with him or it doesn't work out, they'll have to live next to him afterwards or worse, have to move to get away.

you're in a perfect spot living this close by to someone that hot: it would be best to actually become friends with her (and tell her you're not hitting on her) and have her introduce you to her other friends at some point in the future. Because you live so close you might actually be able to hang out with her often over time.

hot girls who are 'just friends' make the best wingmen because usually they have other hotties they hang out with and you go in endorsed

plus,,,other girls see you with her and it automatically improves your social standing with them

Best idea, imo.

Besides hooking up with this girl, the next best thing is to become friends with her so you can meet her other (hot) friends. It's kind of like the Seinfeld episode with George and it's true on so many levels.
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Start furiously humping her leg. That always works. Elevators are NOT for talking. They are MADE of awkward. My opinion: start a conversation with a purpose. Once that's established, introduce yourself. I can't stand it when people don't do that and/or try to hold my attention chitchat.
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Originally Posted by m@T View Post
Poking my tongue out at girls works for me.

I dont know why, but its just kinda what I do. I poke out my tongue, they look at me funny. I do it again. They poke tongue out back. I walk over there and then <surplus fat trimmed> they sleep with me.

Listen to Matt for he is wise, and then <excess fat trimmed> sleep with him.

Sartorian's advice best matches what my own would be. If you have an eye out for something special about every girl you see, you will eventually find something special. If you actually care what she has to say, conversation will be easy. 1 + 1 = 69.

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Pretend she has a dick. Then just say hi like you would anyone else. She'll probably appreaciate being talked to like a person and not an object. Can you imagine how many times a female hears the pathetic male mating call: 'Hey Baby' No wonder they develop a blank gaze into space at an early age.
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Wow, you really went digging.
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Originally Posted by JoeWoah View Post
Wow, you really went digging.

Wow, I actually started reading the entire thread again until I hit my own post and then realized how old this one was!
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tell her your cat needs braces, ask her if she'd like to donate to the cause. in like flynn.
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Compliments always seem to work, especially if you are genuine with them. But chose one thing to compliment her on only, if you list off too many you start to look pathetic to her and droolie.
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Do you floss before or after you brush?
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