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That Needles is really nice - Thanks for posting.



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Hmm, image that the new parka? I like what I can see of it so far.

edit: hadn't gotten to the end...looks like it is. Cotton/linen coated canvas....linen seems an odd choice for a FW piece, but it looks nice.
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Agreed about Needles, I was looking at those images last night. I like the collection as well, particularly the bottoms.
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That dark navy Tux Jacket <333

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The Rebuild Zip pants are insane and amazing. Here's hoping they make it stateside and run less than $400.
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Love that little peak of SS15....looks like it could be a fun collecton, look forward to seeing more. Love that pants and shirt combo.
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Originally Posted by timpoblete View Post

Is the far right the brown homespun fabric (same as pictured below) or a brown herringbone Bedford?

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I think it's the same but it's not herringbone it's homespun smile.gif
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its Bedford Jacket - Homespun / Brown ¥55,000+税 via
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Is that a hooded vest inside the jacket,wondering how much is it and what the fabric is .

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You guys think the western shirts will make it to sales?
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With SS15 making the rounds already, we figure this is as good a time as any to share our FW14 buy with you guys:

F4A0613 Workshirt in Indigo Denim Shirting XS>XL $195

F4A0631 Workshirt in Dk. Navy/Lt. Blue/Yellow Heavy Twill Plaid XS>XL $220

F4A0632 Workshirt in Grey/Navy Heavy Twill Plaid XS>XL $220

F4B0396 Shawl Collar Knit C/D in Olive Jersey Knit XS>XL $325

F4D0259 Bedford Jacket in Brown Homespun XS>XL $480

F4D0274 Bedford Jacket in Dk. Navy/Red Wool Floral Jacquard S>XL $640

F4D05135 B2B Jacket in Charcoal Printed Fair Isle Wool S>XL $590

F4D1481 Field Jacket in Olive Poplin S>XL $770

F4D1883 Reversible Coat in Khaki Cotton/Linen Coated Canvas XS>L $720

F3F1388 Ghurka Pant in Olive Brushed Twill 28>36 $240



Assorted Neckties

Scarves (I believe we're just getting the Red/Purple Gun Club Twill)

F4H04A11, F4H0A12 Double Sided Pocket Square in Navy Foulard, Lt. Green Foulard $45

F4H1580, F4H1559 Button Shawl in Brown/Navy Wool Twill Plaid, Brown Homespun $135, $170

Not Pictured:

F4F1285 Fatigue Pant in Olive NyCo Reversed Sateen 28>36 $230
F4A0719 Western Shirt in Purple/Brown Brushed Twill Plaid S>XL $240

We actually just received our first drop as I've been typing this! While Gary is away this weekend I'll be the one fielding questions and pre-orders, so if anyone wants to reserve any of the above pieces, PM me on here, e-mail , or call the store @ (617) 547-2067 for immediate service. Thanks for looking as always, guys! I'll post our first shipment shortly and take pics of the two missing items while I'm at it.
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