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Originally Posted by Jorme View Post

Anyone have info/pricing on this belted shawl robe jacket?  Think i also saw one in a grey tweed wool in the look book as well, not sure.  Looks very rare/cozy.


I cannot believe it is mid-July and we are talking winter stuff ... That shawl collar cardigan is the early stand-out piece for me. Gary, so I call you to pre-order? Do you have info on sizing/ measurements?


What are the pants - Fatigues? and what is he wearing underneath? looks like some sort of tattersall and maybe an aviator or something with the blip of leather at the collar?


Secretly, I really want this tweed jumpsuit as it would look awesome when I play with my old cars. My friends would submit me to the loony bin ... I love it!



Lastly, I find this very, very cool. What is the middle piece? A duster? Sadly, I doubt I will be able to pull it off. @Lorcan7, @penanceroyaltea, @Knight, I think you guys though can.





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@mike that lovely piece is called the combi-vest and when flipped upside down can be worn the other way. I probably will get it. You know me too well mate.

I too will be placing an order soon (Gary) heads up smile.gif

Also FYI
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CPO In brown with patches looks lovely ..
What I've seen so far looks a strong season from EG ..
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Loving some of the colour and fabric options so far!
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Just when I thought that the flower prints cannot get any louder, along comes this ... which I love.


Need to warm up to the jackets yet ...




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Hi Gary, any bedford jackets this season? 

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^ Look at the post by Knight.


Those Bedford jackets look great.


Too bad there are no bakers this season, really wanted one in wool.

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The patches really suck, and have saved me a lot of money in the coming months!
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The patches are great, you're crazy. Hopefully they do the bedford in serge wool, not really digging the twill because it ages faster...
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Patches are awesome, which is what makes eg cool, if not, it'd just look like something of a hand me down from q great great grandpa lol. Eg's fw stuff is always just a updated modern version of traditional stuff.
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Band collar popovers look really good.
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Elbow patches are classy :)

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So, seems like a suit in the brown homespun fabric may have to be acquired. Anyone worn the ghurka pant before? How is the fit compared to the cinch pant? (Only EG pants I own).


Also wondering if there will be a pant to match that corduroy andover...

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