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FYI, just went by Odin in New York and they still have a handful of good stuff in random sizes. Saw a couple navy field parkas and navy reversible coats on the rack.
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Just saw steve yuen wearing the fw14 navy moleskin bedford on kimmel!
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Did anyone actually buy the Ippudo jacket (I don't even know if they are still for sale)? If so, thoughts? After a quick thread search, it doesn't seem that anyone actually pulled the trigger, and there was more negative than positive vibes towards it...the logo itself doesn't bother me, as I thought the jacket actually said "IPPUDO" which would suck. I can handle the print. Heading to NYC is a couple weeks and am considering it
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No, but I have been meaning to go to Ippudo NY for a ramen and to see it IRL!
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Ippudo's ramen is very good, but be prepared to wait. Only one of the locations features the EG uniforms so check in advance.

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I went to one of their locations 30 minutes before opening and got in about 15 minutes after they opened up. It was really great ramen but I was disappointed that they weren't wearing the EG. I guess, from what I was told, that the kitchen staff don't wear them, just the managers. But they definitely weren't wearing them when I was there.

Looking forward to hearing if they do when you go.
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Anyone has information, or wants to sell, a L or XL Andover or Brookline in Dark Navy Wool Printed Floral? I have the chinch pants, looking for the matching jacket. Thanks!

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I overdid it for the FW14. There are a few things that I purchased but never got around to wearing. So I am considering letting them go to anyone who missed out. Things such as the brown/orange knit combi-vest (size L and sold out very early), brown homespun bedford (XL -- runs small), brown homespun/khaki linen reversible coat (size L). Please PM me otherwise I will likely list them.
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Looking for the Navy Shawl Collar Wool Jacket in Medium or Large.
Thank you!
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I'm also planning a trip to NY next month and e mailed Ippudo,they replied saying they only had one jacket(large) left!

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I'm looking for the reversible coat from fw14. Anyone know any stockists or if there's any up for sale?

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Originally Posted by misf0004 View Post

@Ktpeari - Black Blue - http://www.blkblu.com/collections/sale/products/eg-reversible-coat

Woo! thanks a ton. 

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