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Any recommendations for Portland, OR? I'm probably moving up there in a few months.

Also, anything I must do/eat in HK? I'll be traveling there at the end of Jan.
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Stumptown coffee! Okay I've never been to Portland but if I went I'd just spend my week going to every reputable coffee shop. I think food is supposed to be quite good too since there's still two Portland chefs alive on Top Chef.

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Any Munich suggestions? Heading there in a week or so. Probably hitting Salzburg as well and maybe one other city.

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Hide-M munich for shopping. I went on some tours and stuff but I would suggest just drinking lots of beer. There's so much to try. Schweinhaxe (pork shank) with a beer and potato dumplings is kind of awesome. The science museum (Deutsches Museum) is very large and brought out the kid in me. For something much more somber but very powerful and worthwhile, go to the Dachau concentration camp memorial (need to take a train). If I visit again I'd want to go to the BMW factory/museum. 


Salzburg is one of the most beautiful places I've been in Europe - I went around this time of year too. Definitely walk up to Hohensalzburg Castle and climb all the towers to get epic views. I'm not sure the admission price is worth it but there is a Mozart's Birthplace exhibit/house thing that is fairly interesting. There's also some special desserts (Nockerl and Mozartkugel) that I never got around to trying. 


Vienna might be a good option if you're looking for another city nearby.

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Awesome, thanks dude! 

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