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I was in Vietnam in March...in Hanoi, Hoi An, and Ho Chi Minh City. I hung out at the beaches of Hoi An and wandered around town, but I didn't do anything particularly exciting. It's nice but tourists far outnumbered the locals (at least in the Old Town) so it got kinda annoying. If you were interested in taking a cooking class, I took the Green Bamboo cooking class, which I would highly recommend. I wasn't in HCMC long, but I had some incredible pho there. I'm sure that others here can recommend good spots, but I specifically remember eating at Pho Le and Pho Tau Bay, which is more or less a truck stop. Also went to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum which I would recommend if you think looking at the preserved remains of Ho Chi Minh might be your thing.
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I'll let you know some recs in a bit, but Kyoto and Fukuoka have some good shopping. Good thread on SZ with lots of Kyoto info:


What school in Beppu? My friend teaches works at Ritsumeikan. Make sure you visit some hot springs while you're there, fantastic.

Anyone have any recs for Vietnam? Heading there tomorrow for 10 days, making plans today haha. Gonna spend 4 days in Hoi An, 3 in Dalat, 3 in Ho Chi Minh.


If you are sick of tourist food in Hoi An, bike or cab (abt US3) out to An Bang beach and get good and cheap seafood at Tuyet, 2nd shack on your right. Tamarind prawns and caramelised squid are very good but everything is fresh, and mostly alive before cooking. The are 2 or 3 nice lounge/resto operated by gaijin on your left for chillout. An Bang is also a better beach than Cua Dai.

Banh Mi Phoung, made famous by Bourdain, is pretty good and you must get the everything plus egg ones.

Hoi An's iconic dish, Cao Lao is available everywhere, including way overpriced versions in gentrified cafes but I like the ones in the central market, specifically a stall in middle row towards the dry goods section with a black lacquered signboard. Fruit shakes are also widely available there.

Hoi An's version of Hainanese Chicken Rice, Com Ga can be had at Ba Buoi.

A good tourist cafe is Mai Fish, the steamboat set is good.

Hoi An town center is basically a theme park/tourist trap. Beware of aggressive tollkeepers on both side of road approaching the Japanese Bridge who will try to collect their illegal dues every day you pass the damn bridge. Pay once, if you like, and be firm for the other days.

If you are keen on authentic street food, a short trip out to Danang is your answer. It's a bit of a dead but very clean town but the eating is real good.

Also, I am sure you know this, forget abt tailoring or shoemaking unless you have simple garments that you brought along to be copied. Even then, the materials available are crap anyways.

Finally, try to take only Mai Linh cab anywhere in Vietnam. Have fun.
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Cool, thanks for the tips, appreciate the food advice. Did the north of Vietnam two years ago (Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Halong), stopped in Hanoi for six hours to grab a bowl of Pho last year, had a fantastic time both trips - figured it was time to see the south. Ran out of countries in SE Asia to visit, Vietnam warranted a second trip. Plan on doing some biking to nearby villages in Hoi An and maybe going scuba diving if the weather is decent, although I hear the diving isn't in fantastic.
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Yeah the scuba diving isn't really great there. I traveled around SE Asia a few months and would highly recommend a couple of spots in the Philippines, if you ever make it out that way.
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Did some diving (among other things) in Bohol last year, was fantastic!! Gonna head to Donsol or Palawan next March if we don't end up going to Palau. Not a serious diver so I'm not too concerned if it's not fantastic, just a fun way to cool off and take a boat ride
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