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@nn yeah there weren't many western people there
when i went to naruko-onsen (really rural area) some schoolgirls looked really shocked when they saw me haha. it was kinda weird
i live near kyoto and i don't get much attention because of my foreignness there

did you take the last picture at jigokudani monkey park? did you stay in yamanouchi for a night? if yes could you recommend a hotel/ryokan?
i plan to go there in december


i'm not a big fan of udon or ramen, but there are some nice small noodle restaurants on 10th floor of the kyoto station building. between them is a small burger shop called "kobe gavly burger" where they sell pretty good burgers, they also have kobe-beef and foie gras-burgers. the kobebeef burger is 2000yen, the other ones start at 800yen.

regarding seights, i really recommend kozan-ji
nanzen-ji is also great
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So I did a bunch of sightseeing today: was among first 10 people to get into Kinkaku-ji, so it was nice to get that picture-perfect view of the lake + temple before it got swarmed with tourists. The rest of the walk is average. Ryoan-ji was very pleasant; had not idea what the rock garden was going to be like, but sitting down and just staring at it for a while almost made me feel some Zen connection. Rest of the landscape garden was really nice too. Kozan-ji was really hard to get to, mostly because the 8 bus only runs once an hour and Google maps got the bus station location wrong so I waited 1.5 hrs for the bus. For the record, there's the Kyoto City 8 bus as well as a JR bus from Kyoto Station that go to Kozan-ji; Google doesn't seem to know about the JR (source: Aside from the long commute though, it was really nice. I didn't expect to get to experience the more mountainous parts of Japan, and the whole area was like a large forest - kind of reminded me of the Redwoods. 

My favorite temple so far is actually Ginkaku-ji. I live 30min walk away so I went on a weekday and was the first person inside. I preferred it over all the others because it was just a perfect example of Japanese harmony, the temples meshing together with the surrounding nature. It also just felt so well-curated and was just the right size to appreciate everything. 


Also went to Kobe Gavly Burger - I got the original Kobe Gavly burger. They said their patty is a mix of Kobe and Wagyu beef (which is kind of weird since Kobe is a type of Wagyu?). The 2000yen one was Wagyu steak (not patty) inside a bun which didn't seem that appealing to me. Burger was really good (not too large), better than most I've had in the states. I don't think I could tell that the beef was special or anything though. 


Although I must admit, part of what made my day was this:


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Edit: Nanzen-ji grounds are nice, lots of trees and nature, but Kozan-ji tops it. Only unique thing at Nanzen-ji is the aqueducts. Surrounding neighborhood is really nice and peaceful though. I'd also recommend the Heian Shrine gardens (you have to pay to get in). Pretty large with lots of interesting nature to see. I expect it's amazing when flowers are blooming. Kiyomizu is very touristy. Mostly interesting because its so large. I was more interested in all the free yatsuhashi samples nearby though, and all the other food stalls. 


Thanks for the recs guys!

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Originally Posted by nicelynice View Post

Glad you enjoyed Northern Japan!! Doesn't get enough foreign visitors and it's all easily accessible from Tokyo!

Some of my pics: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





Amazing pics!  Thanks for sharing

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Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post

Downtown, islandsbrygge or christianshavn, I would personally avoid nørrebro, but other people love it.


So we ended up grabbing an airbnb on Nansensgade, a short walk from the Nørreport st metro stop. It looks like we will be close to the things we want to see, like Christiansborg and the Botanical Gardens, and it looks like everything else is within pretty reasonable distance on the metro. I looked at a couple places in christianshavn which I thought would be really cool, but it didn't look like we'd be as close to the action there, and it was a little more expensive.


What's the deal with nørrebro?

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You should check out leather projects on nansensgade, ørstedparken a street over is known as the homo park, so don't be surprised if you see some action in the bushes while walking through at night.

Nørrebro has always been where the immigrants stay (right from the industrial revolution) and it has a lot of social issues, but it also has alot of artists and young people, so its an eclectic mix, it also has some great shops and restaurants (Jægersborggade, blågårdsplads, Sankt hans torv elmegade etc.), as the area is fairly cheap, so younger people can afford to start businesses.

The parts a little further out are a bit sketchy, if you ask me and not a place I spend too much time, eventhough I live close by.

Nørrebro was also for along time home to the only thai Michelin restaurant in the world.

@emilo can probably give you some club recs.
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@Best Budz thank you so much for the Giro Giro rec - it was amazing. Every course hit all the right notes. I don't think it's traditional Japanese but the modern touches added were just my style. Definitely best meal I've had in Japan by far. And the price is unbeatable.

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Originally Posted by t3hg0suazn View Post

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Originally Posted by SirMeowly View Post




Paseo (if were to only eat at one place in Seattle, make it Paseo. Cash only)


i just wanted to say that i did end up trying this and though it was close to an hour wait just to order, it was well worth it. the paseo press was amazing and the grilled onions were to die for. some of the best food i've had the pleasure of trying

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Any Paris recommendations? Food, drinks, shopping, etc? Anything and everything. Going to be here for a year-ish and currently staying in Pigalle (by Moulin Rouge) for a month and maybe elsewhere for the other 11. Open to any meet-ups as well!

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Museums (I really like Monet): 

  • Musee d’Orsay -- The line was massive. We asked one of the personnel, and he said it would be a 45 minute wait. Upon asking if there was a faster way, they told us we could buy special ``reserved'' tickets at a newsstand around the corner. It still took almost half an hour to get in.

  • Musée de l’Orangerie -- Monet's Water Lilies 

  • Musée Marmottan Monet -- lots of Monet you rarely see, not many people know/go to this museum, but it was worth it imo

To see/do:
  • Awesome panoramic view of Montmarte: Sacre-Cœur Basilica.

  • I really like just hanging out in Jardin des Tuileries (really pretty and nice environment)

French dishes to try: 
Andouillette - tripe and chitterlings in sausage form
os a moelle au sel de Gu\'erande (bone marrow with sea salt) - pretty heavy so only try once
Places to eat:
Creperie Henri - crepe stand in Montparnasse (there are loads of crepe places in Montparnasse)
Rue des Rosiers in Le Marais for lots of falafel shops
Île Saint-Louis for dessert: the best ice cream in Paris at Berthillon. There were multiple shops on the island offering their ice cream, but I went to the main/original shop at 31 Rue Saint-Louis en l’Île.
Rue de Martyrs: the Boulangerie of Arnaud Delmontel, I like their flan
New York Times recommended restaurant Au Boeuf Couronne for nice prix fixe dinner. 
Favorite lunch place is Le Verre Siffleur but might depend on their specials. Also Chez Papa is a decent chain for duck.
Fashion: Le eclaireur (10 Rue Herold with CCP + Rick Owens), Rick Owens main store for naked statue
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Glad you liked Paseo @nevergreen. The line can be brutal depending on what time of day you go (you can also call in your order to skip the line... but that's not so practical for someone who has never been there before).

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@t3hg0suazn thanks dude! Will definitely cross things off of that list. 

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Going to Budapest in the end of september, anybody got any recommendations?
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paging @nicelynice and others who are in the know!

Will go with family to japan but the situation is such that we are only going to Nagasaki, Fukuoka, Beppu (sister's graduation), and then Kyoto/Nara

I don't really have funds to kop jawnz, but if possible I want to look for some second hand thrifting... do you know of any recommended thrift shops in those regions? I suppose Fukuoka might be the most commercial one? I pray for the universe to grant me some used Yohji, but CM stuff is okay too I guess!

also general recommendations for aforementioned places will be greatly appreciated!
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I'll let you know some recs in a bit, but Kyoto and Fukuoka have some good shopping. Good thread on SZ with lots of Kyoto info:

What school in Beppu? My friend teaches works at Ritsumeikan. Make sure you visit some hot springs while you're there, fantastic.

Anyone have any recs for Vietnam? Heading there tomorrow for 10 days, making plans today haha. Gonna spend 4 days in Hoi An, 3 in Dalat, 3 in Ho Chi Minh.
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