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Games of Summer


In the midst of the World Cup let us not forget that it’s also baseball season – and we’re fast approaching the All Star Break (where hopefully teams will break even! So many games in a season!). It’s very exciting. My favorite part of this thread – beyond the random posters who extoll the virtues of the Yankees with diehard, bandwagon fervency – is the ongoing debate between fans of statistical analysis and those of old school baseball. Who shall win?!


Vintage Streetwear


It’s always nice when a great thread from years ago that slipped under your radar gets bumped up. Case in this point: this excellent thread, started by Parker, which explores vintage Streetwear & Denim pictures that inspire you in your dress. On the Classic Menswear side people are always posting vintage pictures – but on the street side, it’s less common, but should be more present.


Stereo Vision


I really know very little about stereos, other than the fact that: a. this thread is very popular and people post in it a lot, and b. it’s full of acrimonious discussions over the benefit derived from expensive Styrofoam buffers. Fun.