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What's the word on sutor mant. shoes?

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Saw a pair of sutors listed for sale, said to retail at 1080-- is this accurate? How's the make and fit (If I normally wear 10, will USsize 10 fit?), how do they stack up to other high-end shoes? I seem to remember sutor shoes paired with Kiton a while back, in Robb Report ads for italian hand-made goods. Thanks.
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honest story, i emailed that seller to ask if the price tags were attached reflecting $1,080 and he said no, but that's what they cost. i emailed back that i've worn mantellassis for 8 years and they are almost always no higher than 795, with the occasional 900+ pair, but never seen any over $1,000 especially for those pairs. i saw an identical pair of those loafers at BG for 695 i believe. he insisted that's what they cost, but i don't believe it. $299 is still a good price, as my fave shoe is mantellassi BY FAR, but the 1080 is not right
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Plus, Sutor has a lower quality Blake-stitched line. These shoes could possibly be from that line, but I cannot tell for sure without closeup pics of the sole.\\
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i was waiting for AHarris to back me up. great shoes, good price, retail listing, 100% wrong. it's good to be educated and call people on obvious lies about retail price
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In that vein, Andrew, how DOES on tell what Sutor line a shoe if from. I think I've bitten the bullet and am going to order the C & J handgrades from Engligh Shoes, but some of the Sutors on Yoox are the exact color I'm looking for. I'd like to know what I'm getting from Yoox though.
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Hard to do without seeing them in person - the Blake shoes of course have the Blake stitch that can be detected by looking inside the shoe. Also, the Blake shoes usually have a much simpler looking sole - very clean looking, vs. the slugging etc you usually see on the handmades. That's not conclusive though, as I do have a pair of handmades with the simple sole... And as Lance says, retail tops out at about $800.
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About sizing - if your foot is narrow to medium width, then the marked size will probably work for you. If it's wide at all you are going to want to go up 1/2-1 size. I take what Mantellassi calls a 13.5 (46 1/2 Euro) for instance. They run small.
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