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Chan suit fabric recommendations

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I just had my appointment with Patrick and Arnold of WW Chan in Chicago today. I'm looking at getting my third and fourth pieces from them, respectively and I'm looking at mid weight worsted charcoal suit and a more casual light grey summer weight suit. After doing some research here, I wanted to get them made in Lesser's tropical and the 10oz books but discovered that they only currently have the gold lumb book which is decidedly out of my price range. I already have some stuff in Minnis Fresco and H&S Crispaire and love them but would like something slightly smoother and frankly just want to try something different.

Patrick guided me to some selections from Dugdale (8960 New Fine Worsted for the light grey and 8868 from Super 120s), and I was impressed with how competitive the price was. I did some research here and it seems to be well regarded cloth but a clear notch below the Lesser line which is so heavily lauded on SF.

For the worsted charcoal, they also pointed me towards the Scabal but it was significantly more expensive even with a 2 trousers for the price of one.

Anyhow, knowing that Lesser's is not an option and that I'd like to try something different from Fresco, what would y'all recommend that might be more on par with Lesser's?
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If you are set on Lesser and you know the colors you want, why don't you ask Patrick to send you pictures of the swatches once the get back to HK? Alternatively, you can ask Harrison's for the swatches if you want to see them in IRL. WW Chan doesn't bring all the books on tour but can get the fabrics for you nonetheless.
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I asked him this and he said that it isn't even on their price list anymore - so not available.

I'm open to other choices including the Dugdale they recommended, Lesser was just a known-known for me so I gravitated there first.
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Too bad. You might get more responses from the unfunded liabilities thread.
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I don't think it's call the tropical bunch anymore, if you go to Harrison's website under H Lesser the bunch is 306/ 8/9 oz . I am pretty sure this is the replacement for the tropical bunch
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