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Food stuck in throat

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This has just happened so many times to me that i am really sick of it. Anyone have this problem that after they eat something but its still stuck in their throat b/c they didn't chew it fullly? when i eat oatmeal Quaker Oats, this has happened to me at least 5 times already. I try to cough it up and usually after 10 days or so i finanally can cough it out. I taken mucinex before from the doctor to help it but usuualy i cough it out after NUMEROUS tries. The thing real frustrating about this is that whenever i talk i always feel it in my throat stuck. I can't cough it out nor can it break down in my throat so it goes down my stomach. Does anyone who ever had this problem know a quicker way to cough it out? It isn't tonsilatis or w/e that term people used. Because when it cough it out, its always 2 white pieces and its always b/c of oatmeal. I told myself to never eat oatmeal again b/c that always happens to me and my next 7 days are like hell because its stuck in my throat. Currently i tried to cough it out and i feel it stuck right in the middle but I can't get it out. I tried drinking water and some vinegar but that just doesn't do it. Last sunday i coughed it out... and usually i have tears in my eyes with my face all red... thats the kind of coughing i have to do in order to get it out if you know what i mean. Now, 2 days ago like an idiot i ate quaker oats again and found out i got it stuck in my throat again. If i get it out this time, i swear i will throw the Quaker Oats away b/c that always causes this problem. Does anyone know how i can get this out of my throat? I doubt this time i can cough it out b/c this time it feels harder than before. This is like the most annoying thing that can happen to me and it affects me everyday because i feel it stuck whenever i swallow my saliva Thanks.
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Guessing it's not an actual oat as it would disintegrate from the enzymes in your mouth. You're probably describing tonsil stones.
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Well can you cough out tonsil stones? Because this has happened to me at least 5 times.... 3 times in the last month or so and each time this happened, it was because of eating oatmeal and then i feel it right afterwards. I have coughed these things out everytime it has happened but it takes so much work and time and frustration. If i can cough tonsil stones... are they small and white?
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yup, and they smell like the devil's anus
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well i never smelled them after i coughed it out so not sure. Do people get tonsil stones regularly even if not eating anything right after? Because i don't get these tonsil stones UNLESS i don't chew my food properly.
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I have no idea what 'tonsil stones' are (nor have I smelled the devil's anus) but there are small spaces / holes in the back of the throat where food can get lodged. If the food stays there it takes some time for it to fully dissolve causing bad breath (smelling like a devil's anus?).

I hate when I can feel that in the back of my throat and I bought something like a dentist's pick at the grocery store (where they sell toothbrushes / floss and such). I've reached back and poked around and I can remove the food / tonsil stones. BUT, be careful as you can hit the wrong spot and A) cause the gagging reflex B) damage the tissue (cause it to bleed) because it is VERY sensitive.

I talked to my dentist about this and he told me to never do it again as the food will dissolve but it drives me nuts and causes bad breath (so, I ignore him ).
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Do you know whats a good remedy besides coughing it out because i seriously doubt i can cough it out this time though i already did it at least 6 times prior to this. I tried coughing, vomiting it all today and last night with no success.
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1. Stop eating oatmeal.
2. Chew better.
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Originally Posted by Eason View Post
yup, and they smell like the devil's anus

lol, yes they do smell like a putrid sewer of crap.

i get these every once in a while, but i cannot feel it for days before i cough it up, just the hour i cough it up.

i feel something stuck in my throat and i have to ahem and cough and then it pops out onto my tongue.
sometimes i get big whole pieces, looks like a white yogurt covered granola cluster or something.
i played with it before like disecting it to see if it is a piece of food or whatevers, it is not food, it is made by my body. it smells like crap.

but oh boy, is it fun to cough those things up. i actually enjoy it, whenever i get that opportuniti y once in a blue moon it comes up and i start to feel it in my throat.
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Originally Posted by j View Post
1. Stop eating oatmeal.
2. Chew better.


Or, chew longer.
post #11 of 45 I can pick mine out by applying pressure on both sides of the crypts. It's quite relieving to get them cleaned out.
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You might also consider the possibility of a Zenker diverticulum or an esophageal diverticulum, although these are uncommon
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Goddamn I HATE tonsil stones... I find that if I am unable to cough them out I can end up with a sore throat, which sometimes leads to strep throat.

The moment I feel a lump in my throat from a tonsil stone, I use a blackhead and dig that mofo out... And yes, it is quite relieving when I get that stinky little sucker out.
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I can put my tongue behind my soft palate. Just sayin'. When I get food caught back there, sometimes I can clear it out. Also, when I have a cold, it's nice to be able to clear away some of the denser mucus. Yummay.
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well guess what, i finally got it out. Was drinking lots of water and apple cider vinegar. Somehow i coughed it out and i coughed out maybe 3 pieces. I smelled it and wow.... it stinks. Was it the oatmeal i ate that caused this because this happens everytime i eat oatmeal and feel it stuck in my throat. I know i will get this more in the future and i read that people like me should get their tonsils pulled off?.... not sure if i am phrasing it correctly because people who face these things will keep on getting them on a regular basis. Is there a procedure to prevent this from happening?
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