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Originally Posted by GeorgePaul View Post
Really? Do you think that black suede and black calf look the same?

That's more matter of texture than color.
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I don't see anything wrong with wearing black or brown shoes with navy or grey. I used to agree w/the OP that brown and grey were from 2 different color families, ergo don't wear 'em together. But by that token, blue suits shouldn't go with brown OR black - so where would that leave you?

A woman running a tasting room in Monterey once gave me the best advice on wine: If it tastes good to you, it's a good wine. I tend to err in that direction with sartorial choices.
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The chart doesn't lie. Grey suit goes fine with brown shoes!

The only color you cannot wear brown shoes with is BLACK. Otherwise brown shoes goes with more colors than black does.
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seems to me grey suit.... brown shoes. I fought it at first, thinking why fight a color story? Turns out a slight contrast is achievable while staying conservative. A black shoe is safe and a good standby but inside the box. A good oxblood, always a favorite, goes with any suit already owned. Damn me for it. Layer upon layer, colour, within a season appropriate texture is always well received. A grey suit is always and will continue to be a favorite, pin stripped, chalk stripped and window pain. Doesn't matter. It continues to be a blank canvas with nothing but color options available.
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Originally Posted by bslo View Post

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Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC View Post
A good rule to follow for grey-brown is the lighter the grey, the lighter the brown and likewise the darker the darker.

Good rules to live by.

I think brown or black shoes look great with gray suits. A navy suit with black shoes is typical service worker/police uniform but acceptable I guess.
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I agree that black and blue is police uniform.

What is the opinion re what shade of brown is best with navy?
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I actually feel that something richer is good with navy - maybe a chestnut. What are dark browns that veer slightly toward rust called?
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on the debate goes, which shade of navy? And how to classify them. So a darker navy considered a classic. dark brown shoe no question. This rule travels with new navy or spring navy, lighter shade of brown shoe fallowing the colour story.
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navy is navy. it is dark! everything else is blue.
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The original poster is in good company. The Dear Leader Kim Jong Il also likes black (elevator) shoes with grey (boiler) suits. What a faux pas with those cuffless pleated trousers, though!
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all the food aid has gone to his gut. good work world.
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6 pages on this? WOW.
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you gotta admit that this thread is better than a thread on "help me buy a suit/shirt", "tell me what you think I should buy".
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As far as I can see brown shoes with grey and blue suits started at the turn of the last century.

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