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Please critique my first WW Chan Suit

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I recently received my first Chan suit - 3 piece, two button peak lapel, navy pinstripe. I'm quite pleased with it, and think Patrick did a great job with the measurements overall. I personally think it fits much better than my RTW, but I would like your comments since I have an appointment with Chan this week and want to tell him what measurements I would like to tweak for future orders. Also, please let me know if there is something I should have Chan fix with this suit. My main concerns are whether the shoulders fit right and the back drapes properly. Although the back drape isn't flat, it might be due to how my back is developed and the contours from my posture. It's something I notice even with larger jackets, so perhaps that's just how jackets drape on me. Let me know if this is something that should or could be fixed with MTM. The arms are pretty slim as well (per my request). Although I don't think the measurements restrict my movement, I'm wondering how slim the sleeves should be. I notice that my right sleeve needs to be adjusted to show more cuff (my preference) so it's even with the left. I also need to shorten the pant length. Should I have Chan address these two issues (in addition to any other suggestions)? I'm wondering if it's worth doing the back and forth shipping from hong kong, although I wouldn't want another tailor to mess with my suit. Thanks.
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are you wearing those pants at the waist? they don't seem to fit right from the behind picture...

anyone can do the sleeves; the suit looks good.

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Originally Posted by oldseed View Post
are you wearing those pants at the waist? they don't seem to fit right from the behind picture...

anyone can do the sleeves; the suit looks good.


Thanks seed.

Pants are more or less at my waist, above my hip bone, but below my navel. I'm not sure what the pic shows, but I definitely feel the pants fit great, and except for the length, I wouldn't change the fit. I opted for side tabs with no belt loops.

Sleeves have working button holes, so I don't know if affects whether I should have Chan adjust it. Plus my preference is not to have to pay a different tailor more money to make the adjustments that should be taken care of with MTM, but I'm open to suggestions on people's experiences on how to take care of this.
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First of all, did you wear it straight out of the box?, there seems to be a lot of creasing . . .

I love the combo you are wearing, I would go with darker shoes though, here is where bugundy or black would be called for.

Fit seems pretty good, but the waist supression seems to be in the wrong spot, I can't put my finger on it, shoudl we lower, I think . . .

I think the lapel should be a little narrower, especially as it seems that it is going over the chest pocket . . .

My $0.02 cents . . .
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. . . the break is too much you are definitely going to have to reduce pant length . . .
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i dont know much about suits, but that is one sweet suit!
that is excellent, the fit looks perfect from every angle. that is perfect. nice EGs too .
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Great looking three-piece man. The trousers are way too long, but that's easy to fix. I also feel like there's a touch too much material in the back below the collar. Maybe you're standing up straighter than you were when you were measured, or maybe you're right that you just have a bony back. Let Patrick look at it when you see him -- and make sure to stand with your normal posture. I don't think the arms look too slim. I think that's a good proportion for you. What do you think about the side tabs? I almost went with these on my own first Chan I just ordered ... but someone else said they were bit flimsy and disappointing.
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That's a fucking awesome suit. Nothing wrong with it aside from the trousers, which are a bit too long. Well done.
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are those plastic buttons? your chest/waist ratio looks funky...
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Other than the pant length, I think anything else you might want to do to that suit are strictly stylistic. Everything looks good to me except for that slight indentation below your right shoulder, but that might be that the suit needs to be pressed.
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Other then the lapel seem wide to me I think it looks good. Pant length as others have mentioned.
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I think the suit looks great, overall. As already mentioned, the trousers need shortening. Maybe if you werent standing with your right shoulder drooping the sleeves might balance out a tad more? There wouldnt be much I'd change except stylistic details, which Ed said
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The Chan suits being posted of late are quite nice, this one included. It's a damn shame that they won't do CMT anymore. Stocking up on cloth at TipTop and then having Chan go to work seems an excellent way to go bespoke at a friendly price point.
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What size cuff is that? 8"? Suit looks nice. Sytlistic "opinions" aside, good fit for first pass/out of the box.
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Well done. Congrats. Aside from the concerns previously mentioned--right sleeve length and trouser length--I think it's a solid first effort.
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