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Black is black

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I just bought a nice black cotton shirt from Club Monaco that can be dressed down and up. I intend to wear it a lot to justify the px. Short of having it dry-cleaned everytime I use it, is there another way I can keep it from fading when I wash it? I remember an old Oprah episode that letting it sit in a solution of vinegar and water makes the color more vivid and less liable to fade. True? Any ideas would be so appreciated.
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To minimize fading, you can wash it in cold water with Woolite Dark, their new formulation for dark/black clothing, and hang to dry (out of direct sunlight) rather than using a dryer. A gentle cycle would probably also help prevent premature fading. Of course, washing all your black garments together makes sense, too.
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I have found the vinegar dye-fixing trick to work well when I dye things, not sure how useful it would be on newly purchased things. A more useful trick for me is to re-dye black things in my wash machine (with vinegar, a cup a load) if they fade on me. Follow the directions on the dye package.


Of course this is only for things that can survive machine wash.

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I have heard the use of black tea will also keep the colours deep

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