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Originally Posted by harveyrabbit View Post
I own a number of Billykirk items, but I wouldn't say they were more "legit". Apolis has some pretty unique values, which are a very strong part of the brand. If you are saying Billykirk is more legitimate based on the bag styling, I would offer that the "mason" bag design has a pedigree much older than either manufacturer, and it is much more a matter of personal preference for a particular interpretation than someone jacking someone else's style.
I'm referring to the whole Apolis + Filson thing.
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Does anyone know why the Standard Issue Utility Shirt's never became available? They seem to be listed on the website continuously but are always out of stock. Strange?
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Summer wardrobe cleanout, namely two Apolis Global (Activism, whatever) pieces:

Apolis Field Jacket (SS 10):
Color: Navy Blue
Material: Sateen Cotten Blend
Size: XL (fits like a large, looks good on medium as well)
-p2p- 23.5 in.
-body-28 in.

condition excellent - hardly worn, sateen artistically worn, see pictures.
price: originally $296 MSRP, asking $165 shipped CONUS, USPS priority

(2) Apolis Standard Issue Field Jacket (SS 11)
Color: Army (brown/green)
Material: Sateen Cotton, stonewashed, lined with heavy cotton
Size: L
sizing: see Apolis sizing on website ( - true to size

condition: virtually brand-new, no marks, stains, anything at all. NWOT EXCEPT the zipper keeps coming off - see pics. nothing a little super glue won't fix for good. just being honest, otherwise i'd glue it myself.
price: MSRP $286, impossible to find for cheaper, asking $215 shipped CONUS, USPS Priority

PM me please, selling quick.
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does anyone have any experience with the Apolis Standard issue denim?

Looks gorgeous from the pictures. anyone vouch for the quality, and also, how is the fit, and what is it similar too. seems like it would be similar to the new standard....
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^I have a pair of the Standard Issue denim. They are very well made and the denim itself is nice and substantial. They're very much TTS in the waist and slim fitting in the top block in general. Inseam is long--like 35" or so.
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sweet. how is the rise? It measures about the same as apc ns, but in the pictures it looks like it's a bit more full in the rise and seat with more room in the crotch.
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I think it's longer than the NS. Definitely feels as such.
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niiiceeee. these might just be the jeans i'm looking for
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Can you post any pics of the Apolis Selvage denim. I am trying to decide between them and APC Petit Standard. Any additional descriptions you can give will be greatly appreciated.
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Originally Posted by meso View Post

USMC waxed cotton jacket available for pre-order.

Sweet Jacket.
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Any free shipping codes? Want to pick up the lighter but $8 shipping seems kinda ridiculous considering that's ~30% of the value of my order.

Edit: I'm retarded, there was a free shipping code in the freaking email I clicked on to see the ligher in the first place. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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does anyone have experience with their denim?
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