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Apolis Activism

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What up y'all....
Apolis Activism has arrived, with their first season of tees for men and women. There has been some interest around these, and their website doesn't show too much. As you may or may not know they are a "green" company and a portion of proceeds go to 2 charities.

These tee's are super soft, and ALL the graphics are explained on the inside - a little paragraph is silk screened on the inside.

I'm not sure what else to say.. I just wanted to show everyone some of the pieces...

pictured above are some of the men's tees.. more can be seen on the website in the mens section -- or womens section.

A little article about GREEN clothing lines.. here.
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We're actually starting to carry a few of their basics starting September at Self Edge..
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Context also carries Apolis Activism and has some collaboration tees with them too I think. Paging sam113...
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i like the first one, nice and simple. i'm looking forward to see how it fits on a real person
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Originally Posted by tigerx View Post
i like the first one, nice and simple. i'm looking forward to see how it fits on a real person

I really like apolis, but just wish it was cut a little shorter. Still, they make really nice stuff though...
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Thats right Travis- Yeah- Shea and his brothers at Apolis are awesome. They are more dedicated to their values than anyone I've come across in this business. They make our house line of basic Ts and V-necks. We also have their deep Vs in stripes and slub cotton. All 100% Pima cotton and beautifully constructed. Dantheladiesman- They are cut a bit longer than say American Aparrel, but not overly so. Probably a bit more accessible in terms of fit- at least for bigger guys. The length also works well if you sag your jeans- unless you enjoy showing everyone things that they may not necessarily want to see. We will be going much deeper in to their line for fall/winter '07, including long sleeves, hoodies and more.
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Are all the tshirts including basics and graphic tees made of pima cotton?
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Hey guys, I just thought some of you might like to know that revolve has apolis 100% cashmere scarves on sale right now for $44 less the JT coupon, bringing it down to around $37. Thats pretty good for a cashmere scarf thats produced the way apolis stuff is.

heres the link if anyone is interested.
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I'm 6'2 and after a few washes their shirts actually fit a bit short. But then again, I like my shirts to hit exactly at the top of the front pockets of my jeans, a little longer than guys here maybe wear their t's.
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Cotton shrinks 80% vertically (well, depends on the weave, but it's pretty much always true).
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The feel of the slub cotton tees are fucking amazing. I need to get more of these. Hope they don't shrink too much after a wash though, the fit is spot on now, don't really want it shorter.
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I was a fan of Apolis, and after meeting Shea, Shea and Raan, I am now a bigger fan! Those guys are the dopest, and the garments are top notch.
Tees are ultra soft, I had to size up. Nice silk skinny ties too!
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I just picked up an Apolis Activism tee from ContextClothing, and on initial review, it's awesome. It feels buttery soft and fits great (not too loose, not too tight). I usually wear either S or M depending on the brand, and S was definitely the right fit for me. I recommend this brand.
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I love my Apolis hoodie and t-shirt fabric is so soft, got both of mine from Mrs. Savage over at Dresscodes
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Just FWIW, we are in the process of designing an exclusive Apolis x Context x SF military inspired heavy flannel shirt for FW08.

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