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White Tie


We talk about black tie semi-frequently on StyleForum – there’s a small subset of posters who frequently wear tuxedos for business and pleasure – but the topic of white tie almost never comes up. Share your white tie and formal expertise with poster doomdoom, who is attending a white tie ball at the last minute, and needs our help! Hop to it men.


Fly Fishing


StyleForum is the home to many hobbyists, and apparently we have a devoted popular who are interested in fly fishing. I don’t know much about the sport (is it a sport?), but it seems to lead people to beautiful scenery and is a great way to wear in authentic sportswear.




Soccer and America have a complicated relationship. 99% of the time most Americans couldn’t care less above soccer – especially when there’s a baseball, basketball or football game to watch. Yet, for a few weeks every four years, if America is lucky enough to make it through several years of qualifying tournaments, Americans flirt with destiny and turn their televisions to watch the World Cup. Today, that faith was justified. Woo!