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ASPECD Apparel - Official Affiliate Thread

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Hello World,


Hope everyone here on SF is doing well. Our names are Kevin and Kent, co-founders of ASPECD Apparel, and we'd like to welcome everyone to our official affiliate thread.


Just Give Me The Skinny:

  • We're giving away some free stuff. See the Free Sh!t section below (post #2).

  • We're a shirting company that's trying to make off the rack clothing fit better by offering a more refined size system and letting customers choose free fit personalizations for their shirts.

  • Our goal is to create casual, yet sophisticated, garments with modern, subtle, and approachable detailing.


What Do We Do?

We make it ridiculously easy for guys to get better fitting shirts. How are we doing this?

  • More sizes: We're starting with 9 sizes, because we felt the standard sizing out there really wasn't cutting it. We used the XS-XL sizes people are familiar with, and introduced "in-between" sizes. Simply put, more precision between each size means a better fit.

  • Fit personalizations: Size doesn't always correlate to how tall you are or how slim your waist is, so we also offer 2 free fit personalizations - an option to "make it extra slim" (taking the shirt in 2") and another to shorten the shirt length.

  • Seamless experience: We created simple sizing tools so it's easy to find your size. We also have free shipping (and returns) because it's 2014 and everyone should have free shipping.

You can also check out our page that explains it in a prettier format: https://aspecdapparel.com/fit.  


What's our Aesthetic?

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, so just take a look at our lookbook: https://aspecdapparel.com/lookbook


Thanks again for allowing us to be a part of the SF community! Feel free to use the promo code STYLEFORUM for 25% off anytime!

Kent & Kevin

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Free Sh!t

As a small token of our appreciation - we're raffling off a free shirt. The winner will get to pick any shirt from our website. Here are the rules:

  • To enter, simply say hello (or something witty) in this thread.

  • To spice things up - the first 10 users to enter will automatically get one of our handcrafted pocket squares. You can check them out here: http://instagram.com./p/ojJiq7JAKS/

  • The contest will end on Sunday, June 22nd at 11:59pm EDT, and we’ll announce a winner shortly thereafter!
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Howdy, and welcome.

The first in a string of obnoxious questions you're sure to receive:

Do you allow for customization of designs in addition to sizes, like adding darts or getting rid of the elbow patches and the flap on the chest pocket?
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Thanks for your question. We do not allow for customization of designs but we currently use darts as our way of "making it extra slim."

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Will international shipping be made available at some point?

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Yes. We are currently using Stripe to process our payments so we plan to expand our shipping as soon as Stripe takes payments from more countries.


In the meantime, international customers can place an order by emailing me at kevin@aspecdapparel.com. I will send out PayPal invoices for orders placed through email.

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Hello! Im always looking for lightweight shirts with linen involved and I like the look of this one https://aspecdapparel.com/products/point-cloud I may buy something from you guys next time I have money.
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Thanks wogbog. Who knows, maybe you'll win our raffle and get the Point Cloud shirt since you're automatically entered in just by posting in this thread.

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Some nice-looking stuff.  Always happy to see more rtw shirts with high armholes

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Hey there. Sign me up for the raffle and best of luck with your venture.
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Hey! Welcome to SF! I'd love to enter the raffle and maybe get to share my experiencs with a brand trying to shake it up a little!
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Out of curiosity, the space that you're entering is rapidly becoming crowded. It seems like you're banking on fit options to be a differentiating factor? Where are your specific products made etc.? I notice some of the descriptions mention cloth origins but they don't talk about weight/ production origin/ hardware material.
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The the red/yellow plaid looks good. Hope I win!
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Hello or something witty

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Hey K&K, love the personal touches in the designs. Are they intended to be worn hanging or tucked?

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