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Boston Meetup

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Hey styleforum - recently moved up to Boston (somerville to be exact)...would love to plan a styleforum meetup somewhere in the area!
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I'm down. Looking forward to being the worst dressed person there.

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When? I gotta go up there in August for a rapist.
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Mikey, come visit us if you haven't already man! I'm def downwards for the meetup. Also, I'm sure Drinkwater's can serve as a rendezvous point of sorts and more. *Subbed*
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Hey Mikey!
I am totally down and actually have been thinking about organizing one myself. I definitely know that @afixedpoint was interested along with @A Fellow Linguist. There's definitely some other people we can tag here who may be interested: @concealed, @Feji, @VitaTimH and there's definitely a few more forgetting- feel free to add them. There's also @ghostface and @thewho13 who I understand ocasionally live in Boston. There's definitely a whole bunch of people from New England who may be willing to make it down. I'm also sure there's some CM guys who live in the area too.

I was talking with @CSCoHammers7 last night and I was hoping that maybe @Drinkwaters might be willing to host this event. If not, (as I know it can be quite the task) Drinkwaters could atleast be our rendezvous point before moving on to a bar. Either way, recommendations for a bar that isn't too crowded on a weeknight will be needed.

Let's make this happen!
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Howdy SF'ers,

This wouldn't be the first time @Drinkwaters hosted a meetup. In the early days we had a great event here with LAGuy as the the Co Host. We met here and then moved next door to the the Elephant Walk bar and had drinks and small bites. I'm all for another event here, so lets come up with a time to do this. I'll propose a Wednesday evening.

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Originally Posted by Harold falcon View Post

When? I gotta go up there in August for a rapist.

Top notch post!
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you are right,Looking forward to being the worst dressed person there. thanks


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Thanks for the shoutout Ken, but unfortunately I'm not in Boston at the moment. Maybe come early 2015, but we'll see.

Anyway, @mike868y, you're now in my old stomping grounds. Shoot me a message if you need any ideas on what to do in Somerville/Medford/Cambridge. Lots of good stuff all around there.

Oh, and take @Drinkwaters word on The Elephant Walk. Actually, take Gary's advice on any place to eat in the Boston area.
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That's the Cambodian place on mass ave by porter right?
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Sounds like a good plan. A Wednesday night would work for me too. Next week is too soon, following week is the week of the 4th so people may be away. So maybe the 9th or 16th?
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@Ken P-- thanks for thinking of me. i'm living in nyc full time now, though, so won't be able to join. have fun! smile.gif
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OK, we're going to lock this Boston Meet Up for Wednesday evening the 9th @Drinkwaters. We'll gather here at our closing time of 7pm for a meet and greet (some beers too!) and then head next door to The Elephant Walk for some small bites and libations. The last event we collected $10 > 15 (depending on the turnout) for the food. If you will be attending, please chime in and we'll start a list.
We are looking forward to being your host!

Gary & Teresa

The List

@Ken P
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Awesome! I will definitely be attending. Is there any way we could get this featured on the front page for other members to see?
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